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Ventilation units wall-mounted

Ventilation units wall-mounted

What are your ventilation needs?

What are your ventilation needs?

Our wall-mounted decentralised ventilation units comprise a range of models from AM 150, which is the smallest, to AM 1000, which has the capacity to supply a whole classroom with fresh air. So, there are ventilation solutions that can help create a good indoor climate in rooms such as offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, gyms, restaurants, etc.

Each ventilation unit also offers different installation options. The ventilation units can generally be fully or partially integrated in the ceiling, and there are a number of options with regard to the position of the supply and exhaust – see details under each unit.

Product catalogue 6.0

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Product catalogue 6.0

Calculate ventilation capacity

Calculate ventilation requirements

If you need to design and first find out which system will suit the project best, you can use this ventilation calculator to get a solution proposal.

You can of course also always contact Airmaster.

Ventilation calculator

Installation of air handling units

Wall-mounted decentralised air handling units are typically installed on the wall below the ceiling. In this way, several wall-mounted air handling units have the option of either routing the supply and exhaust through the outer wall in a horizontal version, or up through the roof in a vertical model. When it comes to inlet and extract inside the room, there are also a number of alternatives - see the details under each air handling unit.

Room temperature

A built-in preheating surface can be provided if the geographic location makes it necessary. An Airmaster AM air handling unit can help regulate the room temperature to a certain level. The fully automatic control will utilise the outside temperature for cooling when it is lower than the room temperature, partly by bypassing the heat exchanger and partly through night time cooling. If additional cooling is needed, most Airmaster air handling units can have a cooling module added to further lower the supply temperature.

Ventilation filters

The outdoor air is filtered for unwanted particles before it enters the room. Airmaster uses high-quality filters that fulfil the requirements of the new EN ISO 16890 filter standard and supplies filters in filter classes up to ePM1 80% (equivalent to the old F9 filter class).

Common sense produces sustainable results

Common sense produces sustainable results

At Airmaster, we focus on reducing our impact on the environment. We believe that it is our responsibility as an organization to ensure that our products support the green transition and future generations.

We are currently in the process of expanding product-specific EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) across our entire range.

We focus on optimizing internal processes by sorting waste, using excess resources and implementing new measures to minimize our CO2 emissions.

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Contact us if you want to know more about decentralized ventilation

Our competent sales team is ready to answer your questions and advise you on everything from dimensioning, configuration, installation, and planning - so you can find just the right unit for your needs.

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