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Airlinq® Online

Airlinq® Online is a cloud-based web portal that makes it possible to control, operate and monitor your ventilation systems. With Airlinq® Online, you get a quick overview of e.g., operating status and CO2 level - and with the purchase of Airlinq® Online API, you also have the option of integrating the control of Airmaster ventilation units up to your BMS.
Airlinq® Online

Airlinq® Online - Central management of your ventilation units

Airlinq® Online is a cloud-based web portal developed by Airmaster. With Airlinq® Online, you get access to different user rights depending on which functions you need. The system is used for daily monitoring of, e.g., operating status and CO2 level, and it is, therefore, possible for you to manage and monitor the quality of the indoor climate from a PC, tablet, or mobile.

The advantages of choosing Airlinq® Online include:

  • User-friendly platform
  • Several system languages
  • Good and stable speed
  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • API with GraphQL function

Airlinq® Online has been developed to be easy and straightforward for users. The platform is intuitive and makes it easy for users to quickly form an overview of the selected functions – at a good and stable speed.

Airlinq® Online can currently be accessed in Danish and English, but more languages will be added in the foreseeable future.

Airlinq® Online is built on Microsoft Azure, and all communication is securely encrypted. This applies both between users and servers and between ventilation units and servers. In addition, Airmaster has chosen to implement Azure AD.

Azure AD is an enterprise identity service that provides single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and conditional access. With Azure AD, our users get one secure login that can be used for several relevant platforms in the organization.

Finally, we have optimized the API with GraphQL functionality.

Integration to BMS with Airlinq® Online API

Integration to BMS with Airlinq® Online API

Airmaster offers Airlinq® Online, an API that makes it easy to integrate the control of Airmaster ventilation units with BMS systems. Airlinq® Online API is a function that can be purchased for your Airlinq Online.

Using the API, the desired functions from Airlinq® Online can be integrated into a BMS system to achieve a simpler platform that contains the information you need to handle your everyday tasks. This means that regulation and monitoring can also be made via a traditional BMS system.

The API is also optimized with the GraphQL function, which is a system you can use to customize API calls. With that function, you, as a user, can specify exactly which data you want from your units, and the server then returns only the desired data in the same call.

The advantages of the API include:

  • Airmaster can support and monitor installations via Airlinq® Online
  • Users and technicians can choose whether they want to use the user interface from Airlinq® Online or from the BMS supplier for controlling and monitoring Airmaster ventilation units daily
  • Common regulation of, for example, signals for the temperature in the room – saves energy and provides comfort as the systems do not work against each other
  • Alarms are given to the BMS system so that service can be planned efficiently and cost-effectively

You can use the API to:

  • design your own platform
  • design a platform with several integrated systems such as light, heating, and ventilation
  • integrate simple parameters, e.g., warnings and alarms on dashboards

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