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We provide our future  the best indoor climate

We provide our future the best indoor climate

Great indoor climate Great lives

Great indoor climateGreat lives

A great indoor climate affects our well-being, mood, energy, creativity and ability to learn.

It helps toddlers make new discoveries. It supports children in kindergarten to develop new skills and schoolkids to stay concentrated in the classroom.

At Airmaster we put our passion and know-how into innovating, testing, and designing solutions that provide the best indoor climate with the lowest environmental impact for our future.

Our founders Kim Jensen and Henrik Stæhr
Our founders
Kim Jensen and Henrik Stæhr

It all started with a great idea ahead of its time...

Our history

When our founders Henrik Stæhr and Kim Jensen launched Airmaster back in 1991 they had one core idea in mind. They wanted to develop a smarter ventilation system that provided great indoor climate without wasting energy on unused areas and ductwork.

Fast forward to today. Airmaster is the market leader within decentral ventilation. Our units are installed in each room or area ventilating buildings in a localized manner as opposed to one larger central unit.

We offer the most comprehensive product range in the market to fit every need. With more than 120.000 installed units in industrial, commercial, and public buildings across the globe we are an experienced and trusted partner.

We are still located where it all started in the Northern part of Denmark. Today our family has grown to more than 200 passionate colleagues who work close together to make sure we deliver the best indoor climate.

We are specialists in indoor climate

Devoted to high standards

We insist on elevating the quality in everything we do. We ensure our high standards by having everything gathered under the same roof in Denmark including our great specialist in production.

More than 10% of our workforce is devoted to exploring new products, functions, technology and design in our own Research & Development department.

Innovating indoor climate in our test center

Innovatingindoor climatein our test center


As one of the few in our industry we have our own state of the art test center with modern facilities like airtight and soundproof areas.

This makes us capable of testing under different conditions, document effects and make sure our solutions fit the needs of our partners.

We know a lot about indoor climate and are here to guide toward the right solution.


At Airmaster we are driven by 4 core values.

Interested in joining Airmaster?

we are always looking for great people to join our family and help us provide great indoor climate.

We often look for new colleagues to join us in Product Development, Production & Assembly and Sales & Marketing.

You are always welcome to contact us at or this formular. 

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