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We're ready with a groundbreaking product

As the first product of its kind, AMX 4 combines ventilation with temperature control - a landmark in the rapidly growing market for ventilation solutions as the focus on indoor climate and energy efficiency increases.

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Discover the benefits of decentral ventilation

Decentralized ventilation uses smaller ventilation units for specific areas rather than one large centralized system for the entire building. This offers several benefits such as easier installment and maintenance, improved energy efficiency, greater control and adaptability. The benefits of decentral ventilation are many.

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Our passion is your indoor climate
Our passion is your indoor climate

Explore our range of flexible solutions

Calculate ventilation capacity

Calculate ventilation requirements

If you need to design and first find out which system will suit the project best, you can use this ventilation calculator to get a solution proposal.

You can of course also always contact Airmaster.

Ventilation calculator

Product catalogue 6.0

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Product catalogue 6.0

Our future deserves the best indoor climate

Our future deserves the best indoor climate
Ideal choice for schools and institutions.
Our decentral ventilation systems provide a fast and simple way to improve indoor climate. They eliminate the need for costly infrastructure modifications and rehousing staff and children. In addition, they reduce energy costs, provide optimal ventilation for specific areas, and reduce noise levels from ventilation. 
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Common sense produces sustainable results

Common sense produces sustainable results

At Airmaster, we focus on reducing our impact on the environment. We believe that it is our responsibility as an organization to ensure that our products support the green transition and future generations.

We are currently in the process of expanding product-specific EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) across our entire range.

We focus on optimizing internal processes by sorting waste, using excess resources and implementing new measures to minimize our CO2 emissions.

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