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Ventilation. Heating. Cooling. All in one unit.

AMX is Airmaster's newest and most groundbreaking decentralised air handling unit, and to say we're proud of the product is an understatement. AMX is the perfect all-in-one solution that combines good indoor ventilation with a comfortable temperature.
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Breathbreaking innovation 

AMX is Airmaster's most groundbreaking product to date. With three functions in one unit, AMX can handle cooling, heating, and ventilation.

AMX is delivered in Airmaster's brand new design line, with stylish black and white color combinations. A timeless and aesthetic design that fits perfectly into the environments for which the facility is intended.

AMX has a very low noise level. Airmaster has patented a method to remove noise from the compressor so it can be mounted inside the unit without increasing the already low sound level from the ventilation unit. This makes the unit perfect for office environments, meeting rooms, modular construction and schools.

A comfortable indoor climate with low energy costs energiomkostninger

With AMX, it is possible to maintain both atmospheric and thermal comfort in a room by supplying fresh air, cooling, and heating as needed. This is done in an energy-efficient way, with an intuitive and simple user interface.

The unit is a compact decentralised (ductless) heat recovery and air handling unit with a built-in reversible air-to-air heat pump.The built-in heat pump in AMX uses natural refrigerant R290.

AMX is particularly suitable for:


AMX has modular control and many communications options.
AMX is controlled with an app that can be used on an iOS or Android control device. It can also be connected to Airlinq Online, Airmaster's proprietary cloud-based web portal that allows you to control, operate, and monitor all your air handling units in one place.

A ventilation solution with many benefits  
A ventilation solution with many benefits

Facts about AMX 4

Facts about AMX 4
  • Compact decentralised (ductless) heat recovery and air handling unit with built-in reversible air-to-air heat pump

  • Heat pump with natural refrigerant R290

  • Low sound level

  • Flexible and modular control with many communications options

  • Control logic for the inlet of either cool or warm air, coordinating and optimising ventilation efficiency, global thermal comfort, local thermal comfort, and energy consumption. 

  • Countercurrent heat exchanger with a "flat" design (low headroom suitable for ceiling mounting) in a reversible way with either heating or cooling recovery, where internal condensation can be removed efficiently in both situations

AMX 4 has been developed with support from the EU and the Danish Energy Agency in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and Aalborg University. It has also been demonstrated by fully operational prototypes in several field trials in offices in Denmark and abroad.

AMX 4 is covered by European patent no. EP3988855.

Without AMX 

Without AMX 
Leaving behind the old energy solution

To supply a room with ventilation, heating or cooling you traditionally need three different energy sources. A ventilation unit, which can be central or decentral, a heating supply such as a radiator, a cooling unit such as a split cooler with a chiller on the roof. Together these three supply units can be very complex to control and costly to install and increase the energy cost while running three different systems.

Below is displayed a typical room with individually supply of ventilation, heating, and cooling. This leaves you with a room where it can be difficult to control the indoor climate and it looks messy.

With AMX

With AMX
Ready for one indoor climate solution

The quiet AMX replaces above three energy sources and you have only one indoor climate solution with ventilation, heating, and cooling. This reduces installation cost because you only have one installation, and at the same time your operating cost will be reduced because of the intelligent built in control system, this ensures that AMX only uses energy when needed.

The iconic and uniquely designed AMX takes up less space in the room and looks very clean and welcoming - a unique solution for an optimal climate solution.

AMX functionality


Technical data

Product catalogue 6.0

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Product catalogue 6.0
Kamstrup Case A successful delivery
Kamstrup CaseA successful delivery

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Our competent sales team is ready to answer your questions and advise you on everything from dimensioning, configuration, installation, and planning - so you can find just the right unit for your needs.

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Extend the service life of the unit.

Extend the service life of the unit.

You can help extend the service life of your Airmaster unit.

One way to do this is to make sure you change the filter in the unit - and to use original Airmaster filters.

This also ensures that energy consumption remains minimal throughout the service life of the unit.

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