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AM 50

AM 50 is Airmaster's smallest ventilation unit, specially designed for toilets, storage rooms, or other small rooms where a healthy indoor climate is needed.
AM 50

AM 50 is an architect-designed unit focusing on a simple and timeless expression. It is particularly suitable for toilets, small storage or basement rooms, printer rooms, or small offices where it can be damp, polluted, or warm.

The ventilation unit is a small and compact unit with a rotating heat exchanger that ensures high heat recovery and continuous air exchange in the room or rooms it is installed in. By controlling the rotational speed of the rotor, heat recovery and frost protection can be controlled. The rotor exchanger helps to ensure that the air in the room does not dry out at low outside temperatures, as a small part of the moisture in the air will be returned to the supply air.

AM 50 is controlled by a temperature and humidity sensor, has a low energy consumption, and recycles more than 80% of the heat from the room.

The combination of sensors and control of the rotor fan makes it possible to control the AM 50 intelligently so that the best indoor climate is achieved with minimal energy consumption.

The unit is also quiet and comes with a six-step control. This means that the unit is perfect for both rooms where it needs to be quiet but also rooms where a boost of fresh air is necessary and where sound is not so important.

The AM50 is installed directly into the wall, which makes the installation process easy and fast. It is mounted in a Ø255 mm hole and can be adapted to wall thicknesses between 520 mm and down to a narrow wall of 250 mm.

AM 50 has a tightness class IP34 on the outside and IP30 on the inside.

Technical data

Product catalogue 6.0

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Product catalogue 6.0

Extend the service life of the unit.

Extend the service life of the unit.

You can help extend the service life of your Airmaster unit.

One way to do this is to make sure you change the filter in the unit - and to use original Airmaster filters.

This also ensures that energy consumption remains minimal throughout the service life of the unit.

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