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AM 1000

Airmaster AM 1000 – perfect school ventilation. For classrooms and other large rooms with a high need for air replacement and a good indoor climate with low CO2 levels at all times.
AM 1000

AM 1000 is a competitive solution developed for ventilation in classrooms with high occupancy for long periods of time, but it can of course be used wherever there are high demands for comfort and a good indoor climate. AM 1000 meets current air quality and noise level requirements, i.e. roughly 950 m3/h and 30 dB(A) from the ventilation unit. At the same time, AM 1000 provides heat recovery of more than 80% and together with low power consumption, corresponding to an SFP value of around 700 J/m3, AM 1000 is a particular energy efficient and quiet ventilation solution. With built-in active sound attenuation, particularly low-frequency tones are attenuated, which usually requires a large attenuation area. AM 1000 has several sets of speakers and microphones built in which remove low-frequency and annoying noise by emitting “counter-noise”.

In rooms requiring the high level of air replacement that AM 1000 can provide, there may be a risk of draughts if the airflow is not controlled. In addition, for energy reasons, demand-control of the airflow is often required. As a result, a supply pattern optimised for one airflow is not necessarily the best for another.

That is why AM 1000 has an automatically adjustable supply – so-called Adaptive Airflow™. A supply diffuser (patent pending) on
the AM 1000 adjusts the supply pattern according to the airflow as well as the geometry of the room.

The basic idea behind the diffuser is that it is split in two so that the air exits the unit in two separate jets: The Adaptive Airflow principle utilises the ceiling and flow engineering principles to vary the supply pattern between larger and smaller airflows. This way, a constant throw over a large range can be maintained, and problems with draughts can be avoided.

Airmaster AM 1000 is available with various versions of wall, ceiling and side ducts, as well as combinations of these.

AM 1000 is delivered in four modules, making it easy to transport, handle and install.

Examples of applications

  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms

Effecient cooling module for the AM 1000

Effecient cooling module for the AM 1000
Airmaster is launching the RC 1000, a cooling module for the AM 1000.

With the RC 1000, it is now possible to efficiently cool classrooms and offices, for example.

With an AM 1000, you can have both a healthy indoor climate with our decentralized ventilation systems, combined with the op­tion of cooling the room temperature, so you also stay comfortable on hot days.

The RC 1000 has a cooling capacity of up to 7kW, which means that in the vast majority of rooms where an AM 1000 is installed, it can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The unit connects to the usual Airmaster controller, which allows you to set the desired default supply air temperature and maximum acceptable indoor temperature.

Read more about the RC 1000 here

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Variations RC 1000

Product catalogue 6.0

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Product catalogue 6.0

Extend the service life of the unit.

Extend the service life of the unit.

You can help extend the service life of your Airmaster unit.

One way to do this is to make sure you change the filter in the unit - and to use original Airmaster filters.

This also ensures that energy consumption remains minimal throughout the service life of the unit.

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