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AM 150

AM 150 is the smallest Airmaster decentralised ventilation unit, with heat recovery. AM 150 is designed especially for small rooms such as offices seating one or two people, as well as small meeting rooms and group rooms.
AM 150

AM 150 is a decentralised ventilation unit with heat recovery, which is particularly suitable for 1–2 person offices as well as small meeting rooms and group rooms. In short: small rooms where a comfortable indoor climate is required, contributing to comfort and well-being.

Offering the option of individual demand control of the ventilation depending on movement and/or the CO2 level in the room, the ventilation unit only runs when necessary. This saves energy.

The control can be combined with Airmaster’s Airlinq Online cloud solution for centralised control and an overview of all your Airmaster ventilation units. The ventilation unit can, of course, also be integrated into its own BMS via Airlinq Online and its API.

AM 150 is a horizontal wall/ceiling-mounted unit with the supply and exhaust at the rear.

It can be installed fully visibly or partially integrated into the ceiling so that only the lower section is visible. The extract can also be piped, making it possible to install the ventilation unit above a diffuse ceiling or to connect the extract from an adjoining room.


Examples of applications

  • small offices
  • Small meeting rooms and the like
  • Modular buildings
  • Hotel rooms

CC 150 - cooling module for AM 150

If you would like to be able to both ventilate and cool the air in the room, we now offer the CC 150 cooling module, which works with the AM 150 ventilation unit.

The ventilation unit’s control already allows for some cooling, partly by utilising colder night air and partly by bypassing the heat exchanger. However, on hot days, when this cooling is insufficient, further cooling can be achieved with the help of the CC 150 cooling module.

The cooling module operates together with the ventilation unit’s timer and temperature setting, and is thus automatically activated within a given period of time, but only when it is no longer possible to keep the inlet temperature at the desired level using the bypass function.

The CC 150 cooling module can reduce the outdoor air temperature by up to 15°C.

An AM 150 with a built-in CC 150 has previously existed under the name AMC 150, but we have now chosen to split this product into separate products – a separate ventilation unit and cooling module – as this offers greater flexibility with regard to possible retrofitting of the cooling module.

Version overview AM 150 and AM 150 with cooling module (CC 150)

Technical data AM 150 with CC 150

Product catalogue 6.0

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Product catalogue 6.0

Extend the service life of the unit.

Extend the service life of the unit.

You can help extend the service life of your Airmaster unit.

One way to do this is to make sure you change the filter in the unit - and to use original Airmaster filters.

This also ensures that energy consumption remains minimal throughout the service life of the unit.

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