DV 1000

Airmaster DV 1000 is a comfort ventilation unit for installation above a suspended ceiling. The unit is suitable for ventilation in comfort rooms and inside zones in buildings where it may be difficult to use an AM unit.

Data DV 1000
Data CC 1000 cooling module
Standard DV 1000
  • Bypass
  • Condensate pump
  • Countercurrent heat exchanger (aluminium)
Options for DV 1000
  • Electric heating surface/VPH 
  • Water heating surface/VPH 
  • CO2 sensor (wall-mounted) 
  • CO2 sensor (built-in) 
  • PIR/motion sensor (wall-mounted) 
  • Hygrostat 
  • Cooling module 
  • Motor driven exhaust air damper 
  • Spring-return actuator on exhaust air damper 
  • Motor driven supply air damper 
  • Spring-return actuator on supply air damper 
  • Energy meter

DV 1000 is an efficient ventilation unit for balanced comfort ventilation with short ducting directly to the room. DV 1000 has a lower noise level than similar products on the market. Due to the low noise level, it can be installed directly above the ceiling in a classroom. DV 1000 is available with two types of doors: hinged doors (H) or sliding doors (S). This makes either vertical or horizontal opening possible, depending on the type of ceiling and space available.

Examples of applications

  • Schools
  • Institutions
  • Modular buildings

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