Control processes for cooling

The automatic control process allows a certain cooling part through utilization of the cooler night air and partly through the bypass of the heat exchanger. This is not always enough and therefore a cooling module can be added to the ventilation unit.

Energy efficient and on-demand cooling

Airmaster inverter-controlled cooling modules provide efficient and on-demand controlled ventilation and cooling solutions with extremely low-energy consumption in rooms where airreplacement and cooling needs vary.

The inverter-controlled cooling modules are integrated with Airmaster decentralised air handling units.

Cooling using inverter-controlled cooling modules (CC)

  • At high outdoor air temperatures, the bypass function and night cooling ensures that the supply air temperature is kept to the desired level. If the cooling level is insufficient, the temperature can be reduced efficiently using the cooling module.
  • The Airlinq control system automatically activates the cooling module, which can reduce the outdoor air temperature by up to 15°C.
  • The cooled air is fed into the air handling unit and the supply air temperature is thus kept to the desired level.
  • All cooling modules are dimensioned in accordance with European conditions (outdoor air temperature 35°C, 40% relative humidity) and standard EN 14511-2.
  • The cooling module is not subject to the PED – Pressure Equipment Directive in accordance with article 1 (3.6).
    All cooling modules are equipped with a built-in condensation pump as standard.
  • Airmaster specially developed inverter-controlled cooling modules (CC) are fully automatically controlled by the Airlinq control system.
  • Together with five network modules (LON®, MODBUS® RTU RS485, BACnetTM MS/TP, BACnetTM/IP, KNX®) and the intuitive control panels, Airlinq supports an
    efficient, economical and future-proof ventilation solution.



Benefits in terms of running costs and climate impact are gained by the deployment of pioneering technology

An inverter-controlled cooling solution gives infinitely adjustable capacity regulation of the compressor, to ensure that it adjusts constantly to actual cooling requirement. That means significant benefits in terms of running costs and climate impact:

  • Optimised for energy-efficient operation in our climate zone.
  • Improved annual mean EER value due to invertercontrolled compressor.
  • Lower running costs thanks to on-demand control - annual savings for electricity typically 60-80%.
  • A big reduction in the number of compressor starts. Combination of inverter control and electronic expansion valve ensure sustainable operation, even under extreme climate conditions inside and out.
  • Very quiet in operation.
  • Uses the highly effective coolants R410A or R134A that do not contribute to ozone loss.
  • Outdoor air is typically cooled by 15°C before entering the room via the Airmaster unit.
  • Easy monitoring of operation and climate via Airlinq data log - stores up to one year’s operating data.

CC cooling module is available for the following air handling units:

  • AM 150 (Q2 2020)
  • AM 500 H
  • AM 800 H
  • DV 1000

Ready for a breath of fresh air

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