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Airlinq BMS

Network control can be performed using Airlinq® BMS, with which up to 20 units can be controlled from a single Airlinq Orbit control panel.

Flexibility is the order of the day for the Airlinq BMS system. BMS stands for ”Building Management System”.

Up to 20 different air handling units can be controlled by the system from a single control panel. The units can be different types and fitted with different options.

Cooling modules can also be attached to individual units as and when required. Such a degree of flexibility means that units with different levels of performance and options can be connected to a single system, whilst meeting the requirements of any individual room.

Dividing the system into groups of one or more units with a common control system optimises use of their size and sensors.

Control using a single sensor (e.g. COsensor) or a combination (e.g. a motion sensor and a CO2sensor) is also possible. Using sensors overrides the basic operating parameters for individual units, whole groups or all units.

Individual operation, monitoring and programming - plus programming of common parameters - are performed from a single control panel. Connection to an analogue building network (BMS system) is of course also possible.


  • Airmaster sensors can be used, thus reducing installation costs.
  • Units with identical settings and the same control requirements can be grouped using sensors to increase flexibility and reduce costs.
  • Different units with different settings and sensors are possible, giving maximum flexibility and optimising according to local conditions and room use. Local control is possible with Airlinq Viva control panel.
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