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Airlinq® Viva control panel

The Airlinq® Viva control panel is designed to be able to achieve the optimal indoor climate with minimal manual control.
Airlinq® Viva control panel

The easiest control interface on the market

Control functions are simple and user-friendly. Operation is automatic to minimize the risk of incorrect use.

Operation via a computer

The control panel can be connected to a computer via a USB port to set additional operating parameters. Airlinq® User Tool and Airlinq® Service Tool (programs used by service engineers) provide complete details of the following description of options for the two programs.

Airlinq® User tool

The control panel can be easily connected to a computer, providing access to operating data using the Airlinq® User tool. Options include:

  • Setting airflow, inlet temperature, and maximum room temperature
  • Filter status display
  • Setting CO2 range
  • Setting, activating, and activating timer programs

Airlinq® Service Tool 

Airlinq® Service Tool 

The control panel can be easily connected to operating data using the Airlinq® User Tool. Options include:

  • Adjusting and programming the control system
  • Downloading a data log and graphic records of the operation
  • Downloading or uploading a control system setup
  • Monitoring energy consumption using a built-in energy meter
  • Updating control system software
  • Automatic synchronization of the built-in timer via computer data and time

Control functions with Airlinq® Viva

Control functions with Airlinq® Viva

Manual start, stop, and standby

Setting airflow via touch function on the front

Display of warnings and alarms by red or yellow symbols

Holiday mode – a function to ensure basic ventilation with reduced airflow

Automatic operation lock

Child lock