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Optimum air quality is also possible in existing buildings

The decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery was perfect for providing the building with a healthy indoor climate without the need for channelling work.

Optimum air quality in offices is an investment that pays for itself in no time. After all, sickness absence will fall sharply, and employees will perform much better. That is why Cultuurconnect and FARO (NPO) paid great attention to ventilation when renovating their offices in the 'De Priem' building in Brussels. They opted for a decentralised system with heat recovery from Airmaster, the perfect solution for providing existing buildings with a healthy indoor climate without the need for channelling work.

Cultuurconnect is a non-profit organisation that bridges the gap between local cultural institutions, libraries, authorities, technology players and artistic initiatives. They help cultural organisations to respond to digital challenges and to apply modern technologies. FARO is the Flemish interface centre for cultural heritage. Both organisations are located on Priemstraat in the heart of Brussels. Besides offices, they also have various meeting rooms that they rent out to organisations with social and cultural objectives.

"The decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery was perfect for providing the building with a healthy indoor climate without the need for channelling work".

To provide increased comfort for the staff and visitors, both organisations decided to give the three floors a makeover together. "Cultuurconnect was aiming to achieve better air quality," says Nathalie Duquesne, Area Manager at Airmaster. "FARO primarily wanted better thermal comfort. Because of the many glass panels, the temperature rose very high in the summer months. Both non-profit organisations wanted to implement a D system, but the required channel network threw a spanner in the works. Fortunately, with the decentralised D system, Airmaster offers the perfect solution for such cases."

Separate air handling unit for each room

Separate air handling unit for each room

At Cultuurconnect an AM 800 unit was installed in the cinema hall. The meeting rooms C and D each received an AM 500 unit. Nathalie Duquesne: "We installed two AM 300 units in the open-plan office, and the "Bibnet room" (smart library) was also fitted with the same air handling unit. The office manager chose to manage and operate all units via the internet. This makes it possible to monitor the operation of the units remotely and to modify the parameters if necessary. To respond to the variable occupancy, a CO2 control is also provided. Each unit has a sensor that detects the carbon dioxide levels and automatically adjusts the airflow. This means that there is customised ventilation, which makes the solution very energy efficient.

Efficient and silent

FARO also opted for a similar solution in the offices. The only difference is that the two AM 300 air handling units also have a cooling module that reduces the temperature of the outside air by around 12°C before it is pumped into the rooms. "Because every unit has a supply and extract air grille, no additional channel work is required," Nathalie Duquesne continues. "In addition to this, an ingenious system provides attenuation of low-frequency noise, so that those present do not experience any noise nuisance at all. The renovation has now been complete for three months. And the response to the optimised comfort has been unanimously positive. Even during the recent heat waves, everyone could continue to work. In short, Airmaster has once again proven that decentralised ventilation is a simple but excellent solution."    

Source: Bouwen aan Vlaanderen 2019

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