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Tools and software

Remote support
If you require remote support,
we can help you via Teamviewer here. 

Airlinq User Tool
Access the most common operating data and settings in the ventilation units with the Airlinq User Tool.

Airlinq Service Tool
Access all relevant control data and settings with the Airlinq Service Airlinq Service Tool Tool in connection with the operation and servicing of ventilation units.

Airlinq Online
Airlinq Online is a cloud-based web portal for centralised control of Airmaster ventilation units. Different user rights can be granted depending on the features you need.

Airlinq Online API
Ved hjælp af Airlinq Online API Airmaster ventilation can be integrated into your own user interface. Please contact Airmaster for login creation.

Dimensioning of ventilation units
Using our ventilation calculator, you can find out which ventilation unit(s) we would recommend for your project.