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Air leakage classification (airtightness)

In standards specifying test methods for determining a ventilation unit’s airtightness in relation to air leakage, there are no standardised methods as yet for decentralised ventilation units such as Airmaster’s. Airmaster has therefore chosen to test according to two standards, and to disclose both results.
One standard, EN 1886:2007, is used for central systems that operate with high system pressure. The second, EN 13141-7:2010, is a standard typically used for smaller central systems that operate with lower system pressure, e.g. for residential ventilation.

Airmaster Product design

Airmaster Product design
  • When developing new Airmaster ventilation units, it is our goal to achieve the best air leakage classification A1, according to standard EN 13141-7:2010. This means less than 2% of the airflow, both in relation to internal and external leakage.

  • Airmaster’s units typically show an air leakage of 1–2% according to the test conditions.
    External TÜV tests are performed on all units by TÜV-SÜD.

Airmaster Productdesign