Balanced ventilation

What is balanced ventilation?

Balanced ventilation systems are based on the principle of introducing fresh outdoor air into a room at the same rate that stale indoor air is exhausted from the room without causing negative pressure or positive pressure in the room. In practice, two fans ensure balance in the supply and exhaust by means of efficient controls.

Balanced ventilation is typically used in connection with heat recovery, which is also the case with Airmaster units. A heat exchanger in the ventilation system converts the heat from the extract air into energy, which then heats the supply air.

The heat recovery in an Airmaster unit is around 85%, ensuring the necessary replacement of stale air in the room – without your heating bill going through the roof. In fact, the Airmaster recovers many times more energy to maintain the room temperature than the fans use to replace the air. The fans use very little energy, making this an extremely energy-efficient way of ensuring a good indoor climate.

Balanced ventilation with heat recovery is ideal for maintaining a healthy indoor climate where, among other things, the CO2 level needs to be kept down and stale air replaced – with very low energy consumption. In other words, a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery helps ensure a healthy indoor climate through the replacement of stale room air – in an energy- and environmentally sound manner.  

Is it okay to open the windows when you have balanced ventilation?

Yes, it’s okay in the summer, when the temperature outside is close to the room temperature, as energy is not wasted on heat loss. However, this only applies if it is a ventilation unit without a cooling module. If the ventilation unit has a cooling module, it may be a bad idea to open the window when the outside temperature is higher than the room temperature.

You should also be aware of the quality of the outdoor air. If the building is located on a busy road, for example, undesirable particles may enter through an open window.
The ventilation unit has filters that will remove these undesirable particles from the air. (There are various types of filters that filter to a greater or lesser degree). 

In winter, however, when the outside temperature is somewhat lower than the room temperature, it is not a good idea to open the window. This will lead to excessive heat loss and thus wasted energy.

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