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MVHR - Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

The benefits of Airmaster decentralised ventilation that you should know about

Airmaster decentralised ventilation units (MVHR) are stand-alone ventilation units with everything in one unit. The decentralised ventilation unit will typically be mounted on an outside-facing wall so that only a very short duct is needed through the exterior wall for fresh air and exhaust air. However, there may be constructional considerations that make it necessary to place the ventilation unit further inside the building. Several of our decentralised ventilation units can also be installed with ducts to allow this type of installation.

In terms of control, however, there is no need to make your way around to panels on each ventilation unit – there are various ways of consolidating the control. This could be via our “Airlinq Online” cloud solution, or it can be integrated with an existing CTS system.

Low energy consumption differentiated operating times, easy adaptation to individual needs and the possibility of gradual installation are just some of the reasons for choosing decentralised ventilation over centralised. And you don’t have to compromise when it comes to the controls – this can be done centrally.

Installation-wise, there are also a host of possibilities: the unit can be visible or integrated in the ceiling.

Space-wise, there is no need to allocate areas for technology rooms or ducting. Conversion can take place in stages, e.g. one floor or just a few rooms at a time. This way, you avoid having to clear the entire building during a construction project. 

Decentralised ventilation units are installed in the rooms where ventilation is required, so the units only serve the fire unit in the building in which they are installed. Decentralised ventilation units can generally be installed without fire partitions in the building being breached. No further measures in respect of fire and smoke protection are therefore required. This means no additional costs for installation, operation and servicing of automated fire protection, or for cleaning the ducting for that matter.

1. On-demand decentralised ventilation – room by room

Decentralised ventilation takes individual needs into account and makes it possible to adjust the indoor climate to your own wishes. There is the option of on-demand control on a room by room basis. If, for example, just one room is in use in the late afternoon, all other rooms can be shut down when not in use. The units can be controlled in a variety of ways, for example by weekly schedules, CO2 sensors or motion sensors.

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Demand-controlled ventilation
MVHR on-demand ventilation
Diagram UK

2. Energy efficient ventilation with a high level of heat recovery

A decentralised Airmaster ventilation unit is placed close to an outside-facing wall, preventing energy loss during the transportation of outdoor air. Airmaster’s high-efficiency countercurrent heat exchanger has a thermal efficiency of up to 85% measured as dry efficiency according to the European standard EN308, and up to 95% if condensation is factored in, contributing to a high level of heat recovery and extremely energy efficient ventilation. As long ventilation ducts are not needed, heat loss (transmission loss) is minimal.  

3. Noise nuisance is avoided with decentralised ventilation

Sound is an important part of comfort ventilation, and it is a problem Airmaster has solved.

Airmaster uses energy-efficient EC motors, which consume little energy, are easy to adjust and are quiet when in use. A painstaking development process has resulted in Airmaster being an almost silent experience.

Airmaster’s decentralised ventilation units do not have long duct connections. High air pressure, which is normally the cause of noise nuisance and increased energy consumption, is thus avoided.

low noise ventilation
comfort cooling

4. Comfort cooling ensures a comfortable room temperature

Although not a heating or air conditioning unit as such, an Airmaster ventilation unit can still help regulate the room temperature to a certain degree. The fully automatic control will utilise the outdoor temperature for cooling when it is lower than the room temperature, both by bypassing the heat exchanger and through night cooling. If additional cooling is needed, most Airmaster ventilation units can have a cooling module added, which can further reduce the temperature of the supply air. The specially developed cooling modules are designed to lower the temperature of the outside air by up to 15°C and ensure the most comfortable supply temperature. The cooling modules are demand controlled and only cool the air to the extent necessary and when needed.

5. The fastest and most flexible installation on the market

The decentralised ventilation unit is quick and easy to install. Access to the room for a few hours is all that is needed to install the unit, which is ready for operation immediately after installation. This simple installation makes for a great deal of flexibility, as the day-to-day use of a room does not have to be interrupted or disturbed for long. Installation costs are also kept to a minimum as a result.

ventilation filter

6. Airmaster has made it easy to maintain the units

Maintenance of the unit is minimal. All the unit’s components are of the highest quality, and general maintenance will, as a rule, consist solely of changing the filter 1–2 times a year.

An Airmaster ventilation unit is built for a long service life and requires minimal maintenance to achieve this long service life. However, as with anything else mechanical, there is certain maintenance we recommend. Partly to extend the life of the unit and partly to maintain the optimum indoor climate and minimal energy consumption throughout its lifetime.

To ensure our customers a positive experience with their ventilation units, including low operating costs and optimal indoor climate, we offer a range of services, both onsite and online.

Ready for a breath of fresh air

At Airmaster, we are “decentral” through and through. We are unrivalled when it comes to creating the best indoor climate and optimal well-being because we take each room and its occupants into account – and because we constantly strive to improve on what we do.

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