Airlinq® Viva control panel

The Airlinq® Viva control panel is designed to be able to achieve the optimal indoor climate with minimal manual control.

The easiest control interface on the market


Control functions are simple and user-friendly. Operation is automatic to minimize the risk of incorrect use.


Operation via a computer

The control panel can be connected to a computer via a USB port to set additional operating parameters. Airlinq® User Tool and Airlinq® Service Tool (programs used by service engineers) provide complete details of the following description of options for the two programs.


   Airlinq® User tool

The control panel can be easily connected to a computer, providing access to operating data using the Airlinq® User tool. Options include:

  • Setting airflow, inlet temperature, and maximum room temperature
  • Filter status display
  • Setting CO2 range
  • Setting, activating, and activating timer programs

   Airlinq® Service tool

The control panel can be easily connected to operating data using the Airlinq® User Tool. Options include:

  • Adjusting and programming the control system
  • Downloading a data log and graphic records of the operation
  • Downloading or uploading a control system setup
  • Monitoring energy consumption using a built-in energy meter
  • Updating control system software
  • Automatic synchronization of the built-in timer via computer data and time


Control functions with Airlinq® Viva

   Manual start, stop, and standby

Control Panel Viva 1

   Setting airflow via touch function on the front

   Display of warnings and alarms by red or yellow symbols

   Holiday mode – a function to ensure basic ventilation with reduced airflow

   Automatic operation lock

   Child lock

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