Accessories for Airmaster decentralised ventilation units

Airmaster offers various accessories and, of course, spare parts for our ventilation units and cooling modules. Ventilation units and cooling modules are supplied with filters that comply with the new filter standard, EN ISO 16890, and we recommend using filters of the same quality when changing them.

The Airmaster-designed façade ventilation grill, Boomerain, is available in Ø160, Ø250 and Ø315, and we also offer a number of products for mounting and ducting through the roof.

Filter classifications

The table shows the old classifications for EN 779:2012 compared to the new classification for EN ISO 16890.

It is not possible to translate the new classifications directly, but the table shows how Airmaster translate the classification in proportion to each other.

Classification cf. EN 779:2012

Classification cf. EN ISO 16890


ISO ePM10 (>75%)


ISO ePM1 (>55%)


ISO ePM1 (>80%)

Airmaster supplies particulate filters which comply with the new filter standard, EN ISO 16890.

EN ISO 16890 use new descriptions which classify the efficiency of the filtration in proportion to the particle size. PM1, PM2,5 and PM10 indicates the particulate matter size in μm. 10 μm is the largest particle and 1 μm is the smallest particle. In front of the PM an e is given (ePM) which indicate the efficiency of the filtration in proportion to the specific particle size and is given in %. For example, a filter which is classified as ePM1
(>55%) capture more than 55% of particle size 1 μm.

The ISO 16890 classifications mentioned are the filter classes we use most. Other filter classes can be supplied on request.

Ready for a breath of fresh air

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