Silkeborg municipality

Silkeborg kommune har et stort antal Airmaster ventilationsanlæg på skoler og institutioner. Airlinq Online har vundet stor udbredelse i kommunens ejendomme, fordi den understøtter arbejdet med effektivisering og bedre service.

Engineer Thomas Kjems Lyngvad from Energi og Teknik (Energy and Technology Department), Silkeborg Municipality, explains.

“Since 2012, property management in Silkeborg Municipality has been gathered under a central function, where the planning of new developments, maintenance, purchases and sales, rental, cleaning and technical services are run professionally according to Facility Management principles.

In Silkeborg Municipality, all technical staff work in teams, and our properties are no longer permanently manned. This means that IT solutions for remote monitoring and operation of our technical installations are in great demand and under constant development.

In Autumn 2016, we installed 45 decentralised ventilation units, which are connected to Airlinq Online. The units are located at a municipal primary and lower secondary school and ventilate the classrooms, group rooms, common areas and teacher preparation areas.

Once all the ventilation units had been installed, one of our technical staff noticed that some of them were running every morning when he arrived at the school. The units are fitted with PIR sensors, so they only start up when there are pupils in the rooms, or the CO2 concentration is too high.

On the Airlinq Online portal, we could see that some of the units were also programmed with a timer, which meant that they ran from 7 am until 5 pm. This was changed in a jiffy using the Airlinq Online portal. Had we not had Airlinq Online, we would have had to log in to each unit and change the settings manually. So just this saved us a lot of time.

In another case, a teacher had complained about the draught from the ventilation unit and asked us to turn up the supply temperature. Armed with an iPad, we were able to show the teacher a log of the supply temperature on the unit, which showed that the temperature was as it should be. So, we adjusted the supply grill slightly instead to improve the airspeed by the board where the teacher stands.

In general, I think the Airlinq Online portal provides a quick overview of the essential set points and current values, and the user interface can be easily adapted to our individual wishes. We also have the option of changing the set points or settings of multiple units at once.

In the day-to-day operation, our technical staff are able to see current temperature and CO2 values. If adjustments are required, they can do this without actually having to be there in the building. Likewise, I can support both users and technical staff directly and analyse the compiled data if the indoor climate is unsatisfactory.

Airlinq Online is now widely used in municipal properties as it supports our efforts to be more efficient and provide better service.”



Thomas Lyngvad

Thomas Lyngvad

We have renovated the municipality’s buildings on an ongoing basis and also installed several Airmaster ventilation units. As of 2019, 300 Airmaster ventilation units are in operation at 16 schools and kindergartens, as well as a further 110 at cultural centres, nursing homes and residential homes for people with disabilities.

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