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Façade ventilation grill

Different types of façade ventilation grill, wall cover and storm caps to finish the ventilation installation from outside.

Airmaster Boomerain® façade ventilation grills

With its special geometry and aerodynamic design, Boomerain® - Airmaster’s own range of façade ventilation grills – has some truly unique properties. Boomerain is therefore “patent pending”.

The shape of the slats has been designed in such a way that only very limited turbulence occurs on the reverse of the façade ventilation grill. Pressure loss is thus reduced, and energy consumption is reduced considerably. The unique geometry is furthermore designed to capture water droplets and channel them away, preventing penetration into the duct.

Boomerain’s aerodynamic design means that it is now possible to reduce the diameter of the duct connection on several Airmaster ventilation units, and thus the diameter of the hole in the façade, without additional pressure loss and entrainment of rainwater.

Boomerain dimensions:

  • Ø160 – fits Airmaster AM 300
  • Ø250 – fits Airmaster AM 500
  • Ø315 – fits Airmaster AM 800, AM 900, AM 1000, AM 1200 and DV 1000

We install Airmaster ventilation units in vastly different geographical conditions in Europe – from a mild inland climate to the harsh west coast climate in Norway, for example.
Different weather conditions pose different challenges for a façade ventilation grill. We’ve addressed this by producing three different versions.

Bird nets for Boomerain® facade grilles

Bird nets for Boomerain® facade grilles

We supply bird nets for all 3 sizes and all variants (-1, -2 and -3) of Boomerain® facade grilles.

The bird net can be retrofitted to already installed Boomerain® facade grilles. Mounting is done by clamping the bird net to the ventilation duct behind the Boomerain® grille, and therefore does not require any tools for mounting.