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Service and maintenance

An Airmaster ventilation unit is built for a long service life and requires minimal maintenance to achieve this long service life. However, as with anything else mechanical, there is certain maintenance we recommend. Partly to extend the life of the unit, and partly to maintain the optimum indoor climate and minimal energy consumption throughout its lifetime.

To ensure our customers a positive experience with their ventilation units, including low operating costs and optimal indoor climate, we offer a range of services. 

Installation and start-up of Airmaster decentralised ventilation units

The decentralised ventilation unit is quick and easy to install, so the day-to-day use of a room does not need to be interrupted or disturbed for long. After just a few hours’ access to the room, the unit is installed and ready for operation.

The start-up of the ventilation system is a task which Airmaster is happy to help with. Start-up can be with or without functional performance testing. 

Filters for the ventilation units

See how to change filters in an Airmaster ventilation unit

Changing the filters on Airmaster ventilation units is necessary to maintain the units in the best possible condition. Very dirty filters will result in pressure loss, forcing the unit to work harder to provide the desired airflow – this is not energy efficient. Failure to maintain the filters may also affect the quality of the indoor climate. 

Airmaster supplies particulate filters which comply with the new filter standard, EN ISO 16890. The new EN ISO 16890 test method takes into account the filter’s ability to remove a range of particle sizes, which the previous standard (DS / EN 779: 2012) did not. 

Performance test


Ready for a breath of fresh air

At Airmaster, we are “decentral” through and through. We are unrivalled when it comes to creating the best indoor climate and optimal well-being because we take each room and its occupants into account – and because we constantly strive to improve on what we do.