AM 300

Airmaster presents the new AM 300.

A long list of improvements but basically the same

AM 300 is a medium size ventilation unit which is suitable for several different types of rooms such as offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, etc.

The new AM 300 is a decentralised ventilation unit of exceptional quality, offering a high level of flexibility and carefully considered, user-friendly technical details. Low energy consumption and environmental sustainability have also been in focus.

The new AM 300 is a continuation of the existing AM 300. All the best features of the existing model have been preserved: EC motors, efficient countercurrent heat exchanger, automation, to name but a few. However, the AM 300 has been updated and improved on a long list of points, so it is safe for us to say that the product takes decentralised ventilation soundly into the next phase of the concept – decentralised ventilation for comfort use.

Like all other Airmaster ventilation units, AM 300 can be controlled from a separate control panel, but it can also be controlled via Airmaster’s “Airmaster Airlinq Online” IoT platform or connected to a BMS system.

Data AM 300

Technical data


30 dB(A)

35 dB(A)


Maximum capacity *

ePM10 75%

ePM1 55%

ePM1 80%

210 m3/h

205 m3/h

180 m3/h

275 m3/h

270 m3/h

240 m3/h

315 m3/h

315 m3/h

305 m3/h

Throw length (0.2 m/s) **

ePM10 75%

ePM1 55%

ePM1 80%

4,25 m at 210 m3/h

4,25 m at 205 m3/h

3,5 m at 180 m3/h

6 m at 275 m3/h

6 m at 270 m3/h

5 m at 240 m3/h

7 m at 315 m3/h

7 m at 315 m3/h

6,75 m at 305 m3/h

Maximum ; nominal power consumption at 30dB(A) / 35 dB(A) / BOOST *

175 W / 55 W / 102 W / 123 W

Maximum ; nominal current at 30dB(A) / 35 dB(A) / BOOST *

1,45 A / 0,45 A / 0,84 A / 1,01 A

Supply voltage

1 x 230 V + N + PE / 50 Hz

Duct connection

Ø160 mm

Condensate pump (capacity/lifting height at 5 l/h)

10 l/h / 6 m

Condensate drain hose int./ext. diameter

Ø4/6 mm

Weight, standard air handling unit, complete

85 kg

Weight, casing

70 kg

Weight, service cover

15 kg

Counterflow heat exchanger


Supply air filter

ePM10 75%, ePM1 55% or ePM1 80%

Extract air filter

ePM10 75%

Colour, casing

RAL 9010 (white)

Power factor


Power cable

3 x 1,5 mm²

Recommended fuse (standard / polar edition)

10 A / 16 A

Maximum fuse

16 A

Recommended residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)

Type A

Leakage current AC/DC

<– 0,7 mA / <– 0,005 mA

IP code


Energy class, cf. EU regulation no. 1254/2014

SEC class A

Air leakage classification

Class L2 cf. EN1886:2007

Class A1 cf. EN13141-7:2010

Air leakage classification, main damper

Class 3 cf. EN1751:2014

Dimensions (WxHxD)

1180 x 344 x 705 mm

* All measurements were performed in normal operating mode in a standard installation for the filter class, supply/extract air: ePM10 75% / ePM10 75%, using
the facade grills recommended by Airmaster: Airmaster Boomerain® Ø160, in a test room dimensioned 8.0 m x 10.0 m x 2.5 m with room attenuation of 7.5 dB.

** The throw length is measured with a 2˚C subcooled supply air at the standard setting of the inlet diffuser. The setting is adaptable.

Electrical heating surfaces

Preheating surface

Comfort heating surface

Heat output (standard / polar edition)

1000 W / 2500 W

500 W / -

Nominel strøm (standard / polar edition)

4,35 A / 10,87 A

2,17 A / -

Termosikring, manuel reset



Water heating surface

Maximum operating temperature


Maximum operating pressure

10 bar

Nominel heat output ***

1973 W

Connection dimension

1/2" (DN 15)

Materials pipes/fins


Motorventil, åbne- og lukketid

60 s

*** Heat output for maximum capacity at 35 dB(A), delivery/return temperature 60/40°C and a liquid flow of 87 l/h.

Standard and options

Standards and options

Counterflow heat exchanger (alu)


Motor-driven bypass


Motor-driven supply air damper


Motor-driven extract air damper


Electric preheating surface

Electric preheating surface, polar edition

Electric comfort heating surface

Water heating surface

Condensate pump

Service power switch

Electronic humidity sensor (built-in)

PIR/motion sensor (built-in)

CO2 sensor (built-in)

Energy meter

Supply air filter ePM10 75%

Supply air filter ePM1 55%

Supply air filter ePM1 80%


Extract air filter ePM10 75%


Wall/ceiling frame

Ceiling frame

LED (operating mode indicator)


Operating button

Control panel, Viva

Control panel, Orbit

Airmaster Airlinq® Online

Airlinq BMS

LON® Modul

KNX® Modul


BACnet® MS/TP Modul

BACnet® /IP Modul

x : standard : optional o : special item

Throw lenth

The air handling unit disperses inlet air depending on the blade angle settings.
The illustrations show the dispersion pattern and throw length for the various blade angle settings at an air flow of 275 m3/h:

1. Large inlet diffuser opening, 60º blade angle.
2. Large inlet diffuser opening, 45º blade angle.
3. Large inlet diffuser opening, 30º blade angle.
4. Large inlet diffuser opening, 5º blade angle.

Changing the air flow also affects the throw length.

Throw Length, side view

The option of ducted inlet and ducted extract offered by the new AM 300 make for great flexibility when it comes to installation.

For example:

Installation To Rum

Where extract from an adjoining room is desired

Installation To Rum Ind Uds

Where both extract and supply in adjoining rooms are desired

Installation To Rum Ind

Where supply to an adjoining room is desired

Installation Langt Rum

In a long room

It is also possible to install the ventilation unit fully or partially in the ceiling. All Airmaster ventilation units can be installed above a diffuse ceiling, leaving only the base plate visible. The air is blown in above the diffuse ceiling and seeps down through it. All that is needed for this is a separate extract fixture.

Inside Under Loft

Installation with the ventilation unit under the ceiling.

Inside Partly Integrated

Installation with the ventilation unit partially integrated in the ceiling.


Installation with a diffuse ceiling. The ventilation unit sits above the ceiling with the base plate accessible.

Smaller bushing in wall/roof – from Ø200 to Ø160

In 2019, Airmaster launched the Boomerain façade grill (patent pending), which means that the dimension of wall bushings can be reduced.

The same applies to the new AM 300. The dimension has been reduced from Ø200 to Ø160. This makes drilling the hole cheaper and the façade grill less visible from the outside.

Option of an ePM1 80% filter

The new AM 300 is more compressive than its predecessor and can be supplied with an ePM1 80% filter on supply air. ePM1 80% corresponds to the earlier F9 classification, and is, for example, suitable for use in metropolitan areas where filtration of microparticles from traffic is desirable. For use in ODA 2 climate zones. We have also made it easier to insert/remove the filter when space under the unit is limited.

Boomerain Ø160

Façade grill – Airmaster Boomerain Ø160 is set for launch Q2 2020


Focus on low noise

With the new AM 300, we have set ourselves the challenge of meeting the particularly stringent requirements for low-frequency noise that apply to school buildings in Sweden and Norway, among other places. We have risen to the challenge and believe that the improved low-frequency noise performance is of interest to all our customers. These requirements are simply formulated in Swedish law, in that the C-weighted sound level must not exceed the A-weighted sound level by more than 20 dB, so that at 30 dB(A), a maximum of 50 dB(C) may occur.

Low energy consumption – Ecodesign class A

The new AM 300 still has the low-energy EC motors and an efficient countercurrent heat exchanger with an efficiency of approx. 85%. The unit uses very little energy to transport air and complies with energy class A, cf. Ecodesign.

Focus on airtightness and minimal leakage

Airtightness has been improved on the new AM 300 and complies with:

  • class L2, cf. EN 1886:2007 and
  • class A1, cf. EN 13141-7:2010.


Airtightness also applies to the newly developed shut-off dampers, which comply with class 3 for shut-off dampers, cf. EN 1751:2014.

Environmental measures

Recyclability has been in focus during the development of the new AM 300, and several measures have been taken in connection with the selection of components.

  • As many components as possible can be separated and reused at the end of the unit’s life.
  • New wire bushings make it easier to remove electrical components from the unit.
  • New production methods have been introduced which have, for example, reduced the use of adhesives by up to 90%.
  • The insulation is free of pigments and made from recycled foam materials of 100% polyurethane granulate, which can be recycled.

Adjustable inlet air system

The new AM 300 is fitted with a manual version of Airmaster’s adaptive inlet air system. The diffusion and throw of the inlet can be set to adjust the unit to the conditions.

Furthermore can be mentioned:

  • A service switch can be supplied as an option, so that units stop when the base plate is opened.
  • Base plate with 4-link hinge, which makes for the safe, precise positioning of the base plate in relation to the cabinet. It also allows space for a door or window frame behind the base plate.
  • There is space for 40 mm condensation insulation and 13 mm plasterboard around pipes for supply air and extract air.
  • Wiring and condensation drain hoses can be routed to either side of the unit.

AM 300, polar edition and enthalpy heat exchanger

Airmaster is experiencing increasing demand for geographical regions where it can get extremely cold, with dimensioned outdoor temperatures down to -35°C. The new AM 300 is therefore being launched with two new initiatives.

  • A “polar edition” can be supplied with an extra-large pre-heating element of 2500 W and operating parameters adapted to it.
  • Instead of the normal heat exchanger, the AM 300 will be available from autumn 2020 with an enthalpy heat exchanger, which returns the moisture from the exhausted air. This solution is particularly suitable for use in cold areas, where it is desirable to retain the moisture inside the building. Further information to follow.

AM 300 generation 2

AM 300 generation 2 is being phased out but will live on in the new AM 300, which is described above.

AM 300, which has been around since 2007, has sold extensively throughout most of Europe. Some 12,000 AM 300 units have been supplied over the years. The new AM 300 must therefore continue the success story, and it is with no small amount of pride that we have introduced a new generation of AM 300. The new AM 300 is also the first of Airmaster’s new model range to be launched in the coming years.

If you wish to connect a cooling module, an AM 300 generation 2 is still, however, the one to use. With the AM 300 H (horizontal) model, it is possible to connect the inverter-controlled CC 300 cooling module.

Ready for a breath of fresh air

At Airmaster, we are “decentral” through and through. We are unrivalled when it comes to creating the best indoor climate and optimal well-being because we take each room and its occupants into account – and because we constantly strive to improve on what we do.

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