AM 900

Airmaster AM 900 is a floor-standing ventilation unit suitable for larger rooms such as classrooms, meeting rooms and office landscapes where efficient, noise-free air replacement is needed.

Data AM 900
Standard AM 900
  • Bypass
  • Motor driven exhaust air damper 
  • Motor driven supply air damper 
  • Countercurrent heat exchanger (PET)
Options for AM 900
  • Electric preheater 
  • Electric comfort heater 
  • Water comfort heater 
  • CO2 sensor (built-in) 
  • PIR/motion sensor (wall-mounted) 
  • Condensate pump 
  • Capacitive return for motorised damper 
  • Energy meter
Throw length and adjacent zone

Throw length, mixed

Throw length illustrated for volume flow rate 830 m3/h. At other volume flow rates the throw can be extrapolated: L2 = L1 x q2 / q1.

The AM 900 unit spreads an air stream below the ceiling depending on the given flow rate. Blue shading in the illustration indicates spread pattern and throw.

1. Spread pattern seen from above, symmetric inlet (default).
2. Spread pattern seen from above, asymmetric inlet.
3. Spread pattern seen from the side.

Throw length and spread of the supply air in the room can be adjusted to the geometry of the room by adjusting the inlet opening with a pair of plyers (see operator's manual).

Notes regarding ceiling height
The AM 900 will fit into a room with minimum ceiling height of 2,49 m. The illustrated throw will manifest itself in these circumstances. The AM 900 will also work with larger ceiling heights, up to 4,50 m has been tested. Height above 2.50 m should be subtracted from the length of the throw.

Adjacent zone, displacement

The result applies to an undertemperature of the inlet air of 3-5°C.

AM 900 is a balanced decentralised ventilation unit with heat recovery, which is offered in two different versions for mixing and displacement ventilation.
The different ventilation principles give the unit a high level of flexibility, and the model is chosen according to the layout and use of the room.

The unit can stand freely on the floor or discreetly between cabinets, as an integrated part of the room. Like all Airmaster units, the ventilation unit can be demand-controlled with a CO2 sensor, motion sensor (PIR), or hygrostat, for example. The unit can be supplied with a separate control panel but can also be connected to a central control.

Examples of applications

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Institutions
  • Gyms and the like

AM 900 versions

Ready for a breath of fresh air

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