Airlinq® Orbit control panel

Operation using Airlinq® Orbit is perfect when more comprehensive and easier access is required to control normal ventilation operation.

Wide range of operations


Operating functions provide a wide range of options for controlling ventilation. The Airlinq® Orbit control panel with touch functions is user-friendly for navigation and setting operating parameters. The menu layout makes operation easy and simple and reduces the risk of error.

   Manual start, stop, and standby. Manual start and stop of individual groups or entire system for Airlinq® BMS.

   Setting of all major operating parameters using an automatic startup guide. <the start-up guide can be restarted at any time.

   Display and set airflow via the touch function on the front.

   Display warnings and alarms with text descriptions (for all Airlinq® BMS units).

   Holiday mode: a function to ensure basic ventilation with reduces airflow.

   Shows the CO2 and TVOQ level when a CO2 and/or TVOQ sensor is connected (shows separately for all sensors in Airlinq® BMS).

   Easy, simple control of Airlinq® BMS.

   Automatic operating lock.

   Screen lock with security code.

   Set operating parameters:

  • Display operating status for up to 40 operating parameters (for LL UNITS WITH Airlinq® BMS)
  • Overview and adjustment for all timed programs, including night-time cooling
  • Inlet temperature and standard airflow
  • Set date and time
  • Reset service
  • Modify data log
Gezond Binnenklimaat Co2

Operation via computer

Through the USB port in the control panel, a computer can be connected, where the "Airlinq Service Tool" can be used to set up all operating parameters on the Airmaster unit. 


   Airlinq Service Tool

  • Set up and program the control
  • Download a data log and graphic display of the operation
  • Download or upload a management setup
  • Monitor energy consumption using a built-in clock via the computer's date and time

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