Airlinq® Online

Airmaster decentralised ventilation units can be controlled individually, e.g. with an Orbit panel in each room, but with many ventilation units to keep track of, it is more practical to consolidate the control. We therefore offer “Airlinq Online”, which enables you to control the ventilation units centrally and obtain a quick overview of the operating status, CO2 level, etc. With our Airlinq® Online API, you also have the option to integrate the control of Airmaster ventilation units into your BMS.

Airmaster Airlinq® Online - decentralised ventilation with central administration

Airlinq® Online is a professional web portal for Airmaster air handling units connected to Ethernet. The portal is a cloud-based service, and the servers that handle communication with the systems are located in ‘the cloud’. Airlinq Online is designed to control, monitor and manage ventilation solutions for one or more installations.


Although we aim for transparency, security is also one of Airmaster’s top priorities. Consequently, all communication is securely encrypted. This applies to communication between users and servers but also between air handling units and servers.

Cost-conscious investment

Airlinq® Online is considerably cheaper than traditional network systems, and there are no installation costs because the system is so simple that most customers are able to set it up themselves. However, Airmaster can provide assistance if needed..


Control og Airmaster ventilation

BMS integration with Airlinq® Online API

Airmaster introduces newly developed API which makes it easy and economically attractive to integrate the control of Airmaster ventilation units with BMS.

Airmaster’s Airlinq® Online solution has now been expanded to include a newly developed API, so that control and monitoring can ALSO be done via a traditional building management system, without investment in expensive communication modules such as KNX®, BACnetTM and the like.

There are many advantages to this:

  • Airmaster can still support and monitor units via Airlinq® Online
  • Users and technicians can choose whether to use the user interface from Airlinq Online or from the BMS supplier to control and monitor Airmaster ventilation units
  • Joint control of, for example, signals for the temperature in the room – saves energy and provides comfort as the systems do not work against each other
  • The building management system is alerted so that servicing can be planned efficiently and cost effectively

Who can use Airlinq® Online API?

All customers who have Airmaster ventilation units installed in the future or who already have Airlinq Online access installed in their Airmaster ventilation units can now have the API made available to them. It just requires a user login.

To be able to communicate with your BMS, it also requires that the BMS is able to access a WEB API. Additional technical documentation can be found in this online catalogue:

How can the API be used?

Using the Airlinq® Online API, the desired features of Airlinq Online can be integrated into a BMS to achieve a platform that contains the information you require in order to be able handle everyday life in a simple way.

The Airlinq® Online API is thus a tool for fulfilling individual wishes for control and management of ventilation, together with lighting, heating and other installations in the building.

You can use the API to

  • design your own platform
  • design a platform with multiple systems integrated such as light, heat and ventilation
  • integrate simple parameters, e.g. alerts and alarms on dashboards
  • create a simple view of how the ventilation unit is operating
Airlinq Online API

Ready for a breath of fresh air

At Airmaster, we are “decentral” through and through. We are unrivalled when it comes to creating the best indoor climate and optimal well-being because we take each room and its occupants into account – and because we constantly strive to improve on what we do.

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