Decentralized ventilation is an important proposal for a sustainable indoor climate

With decentralized ventilation, you can optimize ventilation room by room.
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With decentralized ventilation, you can optimize ventilation room by room, efficiently and sustainably, which is suitable for both new buildings and renovations of schools, institutions, and offices.


At Airmaster we offer decentralized ventilation solutions, which are a very flexible solution and quick to install. It can be installed room by room and in both new buildings and renovations. Of course, this makes the solution interesting for many potential customers, but there are many elements at stake when choosing a ventilation solution.


"It's about both an optimal indoor climate for the enjoyment of children or adults in schools, institutions, offices or other spaces where people spend time. Today, there is also a strong focus on sustainability and energy consumption. Here, the decentralized ventilation solution is an obvious tool to meet the requirements of low energy consumption and the 'sustainable sense' of renovating rather than building new," says Michael Holm, Nordic Sales Manager at Airmaster.


Energy prices make a decentralized solution even more interesting for many

Developers, contractors and others are looking at LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which looks at a product's carbon footprint and how it affects the environment from the time it is produced until it is broken down again. However, LCC (Life Cycle Costs) are also topical.


"The latter has become even more pressing with the development of today's energy prices, and this is where decentralized ventilation solutions excel by significantly reducing energy usage. This applies both to the fact that the air does not have to be transported around the building via piping systems, which require a lot of energy. With the decentralized solution, this takes place directly in the individual room or space and out into the environment. Furthermore, the installation typically takes two people four to five hours per room, which also has an impact on the LCA," explains Michael Holm.

In-house laboratories and focus on innovation

Airmaster has its own air and sound laboratories, where they test for sound and draughts, etc.


Both play a major role in the comfort of the room, where the system should ideally be as quiet and as unobtrusive to the people in the room as possible. Decentralized ventilation is flexible to control with demand-controlled ventilation, says Michael Holm:


"All parameters play a role, but we also work with EPD on our products, because it is also crucial in the future of construction, where various certifications require comprehensive documentation for the products and materials used. We work with both municipalities and private developers and contractors, and it's clear that in some cases, a combination of central and decentralized ventilation solutions makes sense. At Airmaster, we have chosen to focus on the decentralized ventilation systems so that we can develop our expertise and new innovative products that continuously increase efficiency and improve both LCA and LCC for the benefit of our customers."


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At Airmaster, we are “decentral” through and through. We are unrivalled when it comes to creating the best indoor climate and optimal well-being because we take each room and its occupants into account – and because we constantly strive to improve on what we do.

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