Airmaster has been awarded the Passivhaus certification

With a heat recovery of more than 80%, AM 1000 has been awarded the Passivhaus Component Certification

With a heat recovery of more than 80%, AM 1000 has been awarded the Passivhaus Component Certification. This allows the unit to be used for Passivhaus buildings, while making it ideal for projects with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Passivhaus is a voluntary standard for ensuring comfort and energy efficiency in buildings, supporting the reduction of a building’s ecological footprint and financial impact. The Passivhaus standard is highly respected due to its ambition for ultra-low energy standards, certifying only those components that can meet the demanding criteria.

In order for buildings to be able to meet the Passivhaus standard and achieve the necessary level of heat recovery, the buildings need to be airtight and meet space heating demands. As the buildings become more airtight, the indoor climate can easily be affected – highlighting the crucial role of ventilation in Passivhaus buildings. Thus, mechanical ventilation units become ideal for supporting and managing the quality of the air in the building, leaving wasted energy to a minimum.

For Airmaster, the certification of AM 1000 means that the company is now able to use the unit for  Passivhaus buildings and projects, knowing that the ventilation unit is able to improve the indoor climate without affecting thermal comfort.

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