Airmaster expands with new product

Airmaster is pleased to present AM 50.
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An AM 50 unit, installed in a toilet.

AM 50 is a small, compact, architect-designed unit focused on a simple and timeless design. It has a low energy consumption, a high heat recovery, and is silent. In addition, the unit provides a balanced air exchange and is intended for use in very small rooms such as toilets, storage or basement rooms, printer rooms, or small offices where a good indoor climate is needed.

AM 50 has a built-in, efficient rotary heat exchanger and is controlled by a temperature and humidity sensor. The combination of sensors and control of rotary exchangers makes it possible to control the AM 50 intelligently so that a healthy indoor climate is achieved with minimal energy consumption. The unit has a low energy consumption – it recovers more than 80% of the heat from the room.


AM 50 is easy and quick to install, as it is installed directly into the wall. It is quiet and therefore perfect for rooms where peace and fresh air are needed.


AM 50 is the result of a development project with the participation of, e.g., DTU, PLH Arkitekter, Ebmpapst, Smith Innovation, and SustainSolutions - and is now Airmaster's smallest unit.

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AM 50 / Indoor view

"We are proud to add the AM 50 to our product range. It is a good and solid product with a nice design that fits perfectly into our product range," says Kim Jensen, CEO at Airmaster.

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