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Did you know that Airmaster’s decentralized ventilation units can be easily controlled, monitored, and managed via a cloud-based web portal?
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Airlinq® Online - Easy control of Airmaster’s decentralized ventilation units

Did you know that Airmaster’s decentralized ventilation units can be easily controlled, monitored, and managed via a cloud-based web portal? Airlinq® Online makes it possible to create one comprehensive and central management of all units. This is a great advantage if, for example, you are a school or institution with several Airmaster units in different rooms or a municipality with facilities in different locations. It is easy, fast, economical, and safe!


Airmaster has developed Airlinq® Online, a cloud-based web portal tailored to our decentralized units and to our customers needs in relation to management and monitoring of the units. For everyday use it is often sufficient to check the operating status and CO2-level, but with Airlinq® Online the user also  can check a wide range of other functions.


When is Airlinq® Online an advantage?
Airlinq® Online is particularly effective for schools and institutions with several units e.g., distributed in classrooms, group rooms, common areas, administration, etc. It can also be a good solution for municipalities that have Airmaster’s decentralized ventilation units on several properties but need one web portal where adjustments can be made without being physically present in the given building.


With Airlinq® Online, you get a quick overview of the units’ current values for e.g., temperatures, operating mode, CO2 level, TVOC level, filter life, warnings, and alarms, and it is easy to adapt the user interface to the individual needs. Some units are equipped with different sensors, like a CO2 sensor, a TVOC sensor or a PIR (motion) sensor and some units are programmed to run for certain periods of time. By purchasing an energy meter, it is also possible to check the current energy consumption of the units. With Airlinq® Online, you do not have to log in to each unit in order to change the settings manually, which ensures an easier service of the units. 


The security surrounding Airlinq® Online is also on top. All communication is encrypted, both between users and servers, and between ventilation units and servers. This means that you can use the cloud-based solution without worrying - also in terms of the economy. Airlinq® Online is significantly cheaper than other traditional networks and it is so simple that most people can do it themselves. Alternatively, Airmaster is happy to help.


Another advantage if the system is that it is possible to extract data about the indoor climate. Storing data can be beneficial for i.e., operations managers at institutions, schools or workplaces who must document a healthy indoor climate.


Airlinq® Online API
Do you have a desire to integrate the control of your decentralized units into BMS systems? Airmaster has developed the Airlinq ® Online API, which enables both regulation and control of Airmaster’s decentralized ventilation units via a traditional BMS system. This can be done without the user having to invest in expensive communication modules such as KNX® and BACnetTM. Using the Airlinq® Online API, the functions you want from Airlinq® Online can be integrated into your BMS system. With the API, you get the opportunity to control and manage your decentralized ventilation units from Airmaster together with, for example, lighting, heating and other installations in your building. Airmaster’s Airlinq® Online is widely used by e.g.,  municipal properties, as the systems support a streamlining of their work and a better service.

Ready for a breath of fresh air

At Airmaster, we are “decentral” through and through. We are unrivalled when it comes to creating the best indoor climate and optimal well-being because we take each room and its occupants into account – and because we constantly strive to improve on what we do.

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