Airlinq® Online in new clothes

- Airmaster is ready with an updated version of its web portal. The control platform, Airlinq® Online, has become faster, more user-friendly than before and has had some more functions added. Airmaster is pleased to present the platform in a new, improved version to existing and new customers.
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Airlinq® Online is a cloud-based web portal where it is possible to manage, operate and monitor your ventilation units. Airlinq® Online was first launched in 2016, and in 2017 an upgrade followed with the option to combine it with Airlinq BMS, which made the platform a relevant and attractive management system.

In 2021, Airmaster began a comprehensive improvement of the system – an optimization that has been thoroughly worked out and where customer feedback has been crucial for the work on renewing the platform:

"Like everything else digital, it was also time to consider an upgrade of Airlinq® Online. Therefore, we collaborated with current customers, who gave us feedback on what they thought could be improved. No one else could give us a more nuanced and honest insight into that process. We have been pleased about that," says Camilla Højgaard Hansen, Product Manager at Airmaster.

The platform has undergone a thorough transformation, where appearance and functions also have been simplified and improved according to the customers' wishes.

The most significant improvements include:

  • Speed ​​optimization
  • User-optimized platform
  • Several system languages
  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • Optimized API with GraphQL function
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The new Airlinq® Online is significantly improved for navigation or making changes.

Based on wishes from our customers, the new Airlinq® Online should appear more straightforward, as the system is designed so that you, as a customer, can quickly and easily form an overview of all your units. Airlinq® Online should appear more straightforward, as the system is designed so that you as a customer can quickly and easily form an overview of all your units in question, e.g., status values ​​and parameters for purchased sensors, heating surfaces, and cooling modules. The view is thus adapted to the configuration of the individual unit.

For some of our customers, it has also been a wish that the platform will be available in their mother tongue. For the same reason, we have now prioritized more system languages. Danish and English are the first languages ​​we have rolled out, but more languages will follow ​​in the future.

Secure and customized access with Microsoft Azure AD
Microsoft Azure AD is an enterprise identity service that provides single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and conditional access. With Azure AD, our users get one secure login that can be used for several relevant platforms in the organization. We have thereby upgraded the security when using Airlinq® Online.

Efficient data exchange with GraphQL
Airmaster has also optimized the API with the GraphQL function, which is a system you can use to customize your API calls. With that function, you, as a user, can specify exactly which data you want from your system, and the server then returns only the desired data in the same call.

All existing customers are automatically moved to the new platform.

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