Airmaster launch enthalpy heat exchanger

29 January 2021

A too high relative humidity indoor can harm both human health and the buildings, but also a very low relative humidi...

Environmental impact of ventilation systems

10 December 2020

This LCA analysis is completed by the consulting engineering firm MOE on behalf of Airmaster and provides an environm...

Advice and recommendations about ventilation and Covid-19

20 October 2020

Already in April 2020, REHVA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Association) came out...

More ventilation in next to no time

09 September 2020

If you need to increase the ventilation capacity or you have rooms completely lacking in ventilation, there’s a very...

Demand-controlled indoor climate

08 September 2020

Buildings must be airtight to keep the energy used on heating to a minimum, yet not so airtight that the building can...

Did you remember to switch off the ventilation before the holiday?

03 July 2020

When the schools and offices are laid empty and unused during the holidays, having the ventilation on is mostly unnec...

Airmaster to launch a flexible, new AM 300 ventilation unit

12 June 2020

The new AM 300 is a decentralised ventilation unit of exceptional quality, offering a high level of flexibility and c...

Airmaster develops VOC sensors in cooperation with Realdania

02 March 2020

Can an Airmaster ventilation unit be controlled by VOC concentration? A Realdania funded project started in 2019 will...

Façade ventilation grills in new aerodynamic design

23 April 2019

Airmaster introduces a new façade ventilation grill that with its special geometry and aerodynamic design makes it po...

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