Airmaster expands with new product

15 September 2022

Airmaster is pleased to present AM 50.

Comfortable temperature in the classroom or in the office - even in summer

23 June 2022

When the calendar says June 1st, it's summer. This means that the temperature outside rises, and it can lead to warm...

A bad indoor climate has big consequences for our children

19 May 2022

A healthy indoor climate is crucial for the performance in the classroom, but even though we know the consequences of...

Thermal comfort and decentralized ventilation

28 April 2022

When discussing indoor climate in relation to ventilation, the air quality is often in focus. However, it is importan...

Airlinq® Online

29 March 2022

Did you know that Airmaster’s decentralized ventilation units can be easily controlled, monitored, and managed via a...

Should you choose a decentralized ventilation solution?

15 February 2022

Several schools and institutions are facing the need to significantly improve the indoor climate, and in order to do...

Decentralized ventilation: Supporting circular buildings

26 January 2022

The environment is experiencing rapid changes for the worse, and while there are many factors involved in this develo...

Airmaster has been awarded the Passivhaus certification

11 November 2021

With a heat recovery of more than 80%, AM 1000 has been awarded the Passivhaus Component Certification

Is it real or...

01 March 2021

An advisory committee established by the British government screened the available, relevant scientific literature to...

Airmaster launch enthalpy heat exchanger

29 January 2021

A too high relative humidity indoor can harm both human health and the buildings, but also a very low relative humidi...

Environmental impact of ventilation systems

10 December 2020

This LCA analysis is completed by the consulting engineering firm MOE on behalf of Airmaster and provides an environm...

Advice and recommendations about ventilation and Covid-19

20 October 2020

Already in April 2020, REHVA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Association) came out...

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