Airmaster ventilation - fresh air while working out

Sports facilities pose special challenges when it comes to achieving consistently good air quality. Spinning rooms, yoga rooms or changing rooms – they each have problems of their own and thus also individual needs when it comes to air replacement.

Airmaster can help with these very individual air replacement needs as well as comfort cooling where required – in an extremely energy-efficient manner, too. Airmaster’s range of decentralised ventilation units is designed for different room sizes and uses.

Below is an example calculation that illustrates how the CO2 level rises during an hour-long yoga class. In the example, the room remains empty after this one class, where a clear decrease in the CO2 level can be seen as the ventilation maintains good air quality by changing the air. If there are back-to-back classes over several hours, the CO2 level can still be kept at a stable 994 ppm. If the room stands empty during certain periods, the demand control will ensure that no energy is wasted on ventilation when it is not needed.

Example of calculation of ventilation needs for yoga room

Room size: 40 m²
Rom height: 3,0 m
Occupant load: 10 people
Level of activity: 3,0 met
Outdoor CO₂-concentration: 380 ppm
Ventilation solution:  
Ventilation unit: AM 900, mixing ventilation, 35 dB(A)
Nominal airflow:  830 m³/h
Maximum CO₂-concentration:  994 ppm (after 60 min exercise)



In the example, an Airmaster AM 900 ventilation unit has been used, which is a floor-standing model with a capacity suitable for premises such as a yoga room.

High intensity

Where high-intensity workouts, such as spinning, make higher demands on the need for fresh air, an AM 1200 unit can be used. Here, one unit provides a higher air change capacity and thus maintains a good indoor climate.

And here, too, the demand control will ensure that energy is only used on ventilation when it is needed. The unit can, for example, be set to start and stop at certain times, with a motion sensor or with a CO2 sensor. Or a combination of these.


Damp changing rooms

Filled with sweaty sportswear and steam from the shower, the air in changing rooms can become stale very quickly. It’s unpleasant for gym users to enter a changing room where the air is stale, and for the sake of the building, the air quality must be good. 

An Airmaster ventilation unit maintains fresh air, even in rooms where humidity is high, such as changing rooms. Control-wise, the unit can be set to start and stop at certain times, or, for example, be combined with a hygrostat that detects the relative humidity of the air. A hygrostat is often used to change the operation of the unit from basic ventilation to full operation when the desired relative humidity is exceeded.

Ready for a breath of fresh air

At Airmaster, we are “decentral” through and through. We are unrivalled when it comes to creating the best indoor climate and optimal well-being because we take each room and its occupants into account – and because we constantly strive to improve on what we do.

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