How much energy does it take per year to keep a classroom healthy?

How much energy does it take per year to keep a classroom healthy?

One example could be that a class of 28 can be supplied with fresh air by one Airmaster AM 1000 ventilation unit.

With 200 school days a year, this unit will only use around 200 kWh per year to ventilate the room. But what is interesting to look at is the heat recovery – or how much energy the ventilation unit recovers via the heat exchanger. The high level of heat recovery means that the unit recovers over 20 times more energy than it uses to replace the stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

In other words, an Airmaster ventilation unit can create a good, healthy indoor climate for an entire class with a power consumption of just 1 kWh a day!

The above example is calculated with an air flow rate of 760 m3/h, which corresponds to an average operation of 80% of the unit’s nominal maximum output. The calculation will also depend on factors such as room temperature, supply temperature and usage pattern. In this example, the unit runs from 8 am to 4 pm with a constant air flow rate, though it does not necessarily have to do so in reality. With on-demand control, the ventilation unit only runs when needed. The ventilation unit can, for example, be controlled by a CO2 sensor or a motion sensor.

Energy calculator

The amount of energy an Airmaster ventilation unit needs to provide a constant, good indoor climate level can be calculated at our energy calculator.

Calculate the ventilation need

Are you about to start up a project and need to find out which ventilation units will meet your requirements best you can use the ventilation calculator.

You can, of course, also contact Airmaster.

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