AMC 150

115 m³/h at 30 dB(A) 
147 m³/h at 35 dB(A) 

AMC 150 AMC 150

Air handling unit with heat recovery and cooling module in one product 
AMC 150 is specially designed to cover the needs for ventilation in smaller rooms, such as two-person offices. Providing a healthy indoor environment with fresh air, the AMC 150 replaces the air, lower the temperature of the inlet air if necessary, and filter out external particles.

The energy consumption is, of course, also very low. The units are optimized for low energy consumption, and the running cost is kept even further down by the demand-controlled cooling. 

Optionally, a heating surface can be added for further adjustment of the inlet temperature.

The AMC 150 is prepared for easy installation. Having the ventilation unit and cooling module integrated into one single unit from the factory, provides a plug-and-play installation.

Airlinq® Online enables one-step monitoring and administration of Airmaster ventilation units, including the AMC 150.

Fields of applications

  • Small offices
  • Small rooms in general
  • Modular buildings



Control box AQC L
Model H (Horizontal intake/exhaust)
Version, inlet R (Right)
Dimensions (WxHxD)  1170x261x846 mm


Capacity at 30 dB(A)*
Capacity at 35 dB(A)*
Throw (0,2 m/s) at 30 dB(A)*
Throw (0,2 m/s) at 35 dB(A)*
Nominal current, unit/w. cooling module at 30 dB(A)*
Nominal current, unit/w. cooling module at 35 dB(A)*
Nominal power consumption, unit/w. cooling module at 30 dB(A)*
​Nominal power consumption, unit/w. cooling module at 35 dB(A)*
Electrical connection
Duct connections
Heat exchanger

Power cable
Recommended fuse
Leakage current
Energy class (SEC class)
Dimensions (W/H/D)
Drain hose, internal/external diameter
* Filter type, supply air / extract air: ePM10 75% / ePM10 75%

Electric heating surface
Unit, electr. connection
Heat output
Nominal current consumption
Thermal circuit breaker, aut. reset
Thermal circuit breaker, man. reset

Cooling module
Nominal cooling capacity
Min. cooling capacity
Nominal EER
Max. airflow
Min. airflow*
* Cooling module activation


Data sheets 


115 m³/h
147 m³/h
2,6 m
3,4 m
0,2 / 1,2 A

0,4  / 1,4 A

28 / 190 W

48 / 210 W

1 x 230 V + N + PE /50 Hz
Ø125 mm
75 kg
Countercurrent heat exchanger (PET)
ePM10 75% (Option: ePM1 55% / ePM1 80%)
RAL 9010 (hWhite)
3x 0,75 mm²
10 A
< 2 mA
A / A++
1170 x 261 x 846 mm
Ø4/6 m

1x230 V
600 W
2,6 A

640 W
146 W
147 m³/h
50 m³/h
145 g


  AMC 150 H
Viva Control panel
Orbit Control panel
Electric heating surface / VPH
CO2 Sensor (built-in)
PIR/ Motion sensor (built-in)
Condensate pump
Condensate pump cooling module
Motor-controlled exhaust damper
Motor-controlled main damper
Countercurrent heat exchanger (PET)
Energy meter
Wall-/ceiling frame



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