AM 800 V

650 m³/h at 30 dB(A)
725 m³/h at 35 dB(A)

AM 800 V AM 800 V

AM 800 V is a local Air Handling Unit with high rate of heat recovery. The unit is particularly suited to be installed in class rooms, conference rooms, and offices, where the need to secure a good indoor air quality without making noise is needed. The unit is equipped with a modulating internal CO2-sensor that constantly monitors the CO2 content in the room air. This way the unit will deliver the exact amount of fresh air needed, no matter if the room is empty or occupied. The unit can be operated by using a Control Panel, or a digital BMS system.

Fields of application

  • Offices
  • Confrence rooms
  • Schools and day-care centers
  • Modular buildings
Controlbox AQC L / AQC P
Model V (Vertical intake/exhaust)
Version, inlet T (top)
C (center)
B (bottom)
Dimension (WxHxD)  1910x474x916 mm


Max. capacity at 30 dB(A)*
Max. capacity at 35 dB(A)*
Throw (0.2 m/s)*

Nominell current*
Max. power consumption*
Electrical connection
Duct connections
Condensate drain
Heat exchanger
Supply air filter

Power cable
Recommended fuse
Leakage current
Dimensions (WxHxD)
* Filter type, supply air / extract air: ePM10 75% / ePM10 75%

Electric heating surface (OPTION)
Heat output
Thermal circuit breaker, aut. reset
Thermal circuit breaker, man. reset

Electric heating surface (OPTION)
Heat output
Thermal circuit breaker, aut. reset
Thermal circuit breaker, man. reset

Water heating surface (OPTION)
Max. operating temperature
Max. operating pressure
Heat output
Connection dimension
Materials pipes/fins
Open/close time, motor valve

* Capacity at: supply/return temperature
60/40°C, water volume 32 l/h

Data sheets


650 m³/h
725 m³/h
6.5 m. at 500 m³/h
7.4 m. at 600 m³/h
8.1 m. at 700 m³/h
1.1 A
156 W
1 x 230 V + N + PE / 50 Hz
315 mm dia.
16 mm dia.
155 kg
2 x countercurrent (alu)
ePM10 75% (Option: ePM1 55% / ePM1 80%)
Panels RAL 9010 (white)
1.5 mm²
13 A
< 6 mA
1910 x 474 x 916 mm

1500 W


1000 W

10 bar
1379 W*
1/2" (DN 15)
< 60 s


  AM 800 V
Viva controlpanel
Orbit controlpanel
Electric preheating surface
Electric comfort heating surface
Water heating surface
CO2 sensor (wall-mounted)
CO2 sensor (built-in)
PIR/ motion sensor (wall-mounted)
PIR/ motion sensor (built-in)
Condensate pump
Insulated condensate tray
Motor-controlled exhaust damper
Motor-controlled main damper
Countercurrent heat exchanger (alu)
Capacitive return for motor-controlled damper
Energy Meter
Wall-mounting frame
Ceiling-mounting frame
Mini B USB (on front of unit)




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