AMC 150

In terms of its function and construction, AMC 150 is an AM 150 ventilation unit – with a built-in cooling module. It can therefore help to regulate the temperature slightly on hot days when the sun is shining directly through window.

Data AMC 150
Standard AMC 150
  • Bypass
  • Condensate pump cooling module
  • Motor driven exhaust air damper 
  • Motor driven supply air damper 
  • Countercurrent heat exchanger (PET)


Options for AMC 150
  • Electric heating surface/VPH 
  • CO2 sensor (built-in) 
  • PIR/motion sensor (built-in) 
  • Condensate pump
  • Energy meter 
  • Wall / Ceiling frame
Throw length

Airmaster’s air handling unit spreads fresh air differently, according to angle of control blades in the inlet opening. This is shown on illustrations, where the blue color indicates the spread pattern of the inlet jet.

Throw length, side view

kastelængde AMC 150

Throw length, top view

kastelængde AMC 150 set fra oven

Throw length at 0,2 m/s. Spread pattern is shown for different blade angles at 147 m3/h at 35 B(A).

1. Throw length with 60º blade angle.
2. Throw length with 45º blade angle. (Small inlet diffusor)
3. Throw length with 30º blade angle

Regarding adjustment of blade angle, see operator's manual. Standard is 45° with small inlet diffusor.


AMC 150 is a ventilation unit with heat recovery and a cooling module in one product, specially designed to meet the ventilation needs of small rooms such as 1–2-person offices, where a pleasant working environment is a must at all times. It goes without saying that the energy consumption is also at the low end. Not only is the individual unit optimised from an energy consumption point of view, but the operating costs are also kept down by means of demand-controlled cooling.

In addition to the built-in cooling module, there is an option to add a heating element. So, along with heat recovery, it offers a further opportunity to adjust the supply temperature.
Installation-wise, the AMC 150 has been designed to be as simple as possible. The cooling module is connected to the ventilation unit at the factory, making the overall solution a plug-and-play installation.
Airmaster Airlinq Online® offers you central control, monitoring and administration of Airmaster ventilation units, including AMC 150.

Examples of applications

  • 1–2-person offices
  • Small rooms
  • Modular buildings

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