Facade grill Boomerain Ø315

Airmaster introduces a new façade ventilation grill that with its special geometry and aerodynamic design makes it possible to reduce the diameter of the hole in the façade for an AM 1000 ventilation unit. Where a Ø400 mm bushing was previously used, a Ø315 mm bushing now suffices – without extra pressure loss and/or entrainment of rainwater.

Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315-1

Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315-1 is a façade ventilation grill with a single layer of slats, which is ideal for an ordinary inland climate under protective conditions in a relatively passive environment.

Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315-2

Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315-2 is a façade ventilation grill with a double layer of slats, providing greater protection from rainwater. We recommend it in more exposed places, which are occasionally lashed by westerly winds,
for example.

Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315-3

Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315-3 is a façade ventilation grill with three layers of slats, which are extra effective at keeping the rain out. It is designed for harsh weather conditions, such as in coastal areas where extra protection may be needed.


Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315 is made of salt waterresistant aluminium, and can, as an option, be supplied powder coated in all RAL colours.

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Façade ventilation grills for all weathers

We install Airmaster ventilation units in vastly different geographical conditions in Europe – from a mild inland climate to the harsh west coast climate in Norway, for example. Different weather conditions pose different challenges for a façade ventilation grill. We’ve addressed this by producing three different versions. From the outside, they are identical, making it possible to mount different façade ventilation grills on the same building if require.​

Aerodynamic Design

Being able to reduce the diameter from Ø400 mm to Ø315 mm was a project that was achieved by drawing on Airmaster’s expertise in the field of aerodynamics. 

The shape of the slats has been designed in such a way that only very limited turbulence occurs on the reverse of the façade ventilation grill. Pressure loss is thus reduced, and energy consumption is reduced considerably. The unique geometry is furthermore designed to capture water droplets and channel them away, preventing penetration into the duct.

Airmaster Boomerain facaderist


  • The diameter of the hole in the façade can be reduced from Ø400 mm to Ø315 mm
  • The entrainment of water is prevented, even at high air velocities
  • Energy consumption is reduced
  • Quieter

Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315-1


Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315-2


Airmaster Boomerain® Ø315-3

Ready for a breath of fresh air

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