Did you remember to switch off the ventilation before the holiday?

When the schools and offices are laid empty and unused during the holidays, having the ventilation on is mostly unnecessary.
Airlinq Online OFF

If you use the cloud solution “Airlinq Online” to control your Airmaster ventilation units, it is quickly to switch off the ventilation. In Airlinq Online you mark the, or those, ventilation unit(s) you want to switch off – click on “system mode” – click on OFF.

3 click, and the ventilation has been switched off.

In case you need to maintain a minimum level of ventilation where the air is exchanged, but without using energy for regulation according to temperature, you can in stead switch to the “Holiday Mode”.

When you want to go back to normal ventilation after the holidays, you simply switch back to “Auto”.

Ready for a breath of fresh air

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