Can you keep a cold head at the office?

Good ventilation and a comfortable office temperature are important all year round – especially on hot summer days.
Sweating In The Office

On hot days, when the ventilation unit is unable to keep the temperature down at a comfortable level, extra cooling can be achieved by retrofitting the ventilation unit with a cooling module.

The ventilation unit’s control already allows for some cooling, partly by utilising colder night air and partly by bypassing the heat exchanger. With night cooling, the ventilation unit utilises the cooler night air to reduce the room temperature overnight so that it is fresh and comfortable in the morning. And by bypassing the heat exchanger, the outdoor air enters the room without being heated by the energy from the exhaust air.

On a hot day, it is not always enough simply to replace the air – a little extra cooling is required. This can be done by fitting a cooling module to the ventilation unit. The cooling module does not necessarily run all the time – it is only activated when it is no longer possible to keep the supply temperature at the desired level using the bypass function.

The cooling module can reduce the outdoor air temperature by up to 15°C.

Ready for a breath of fresh air

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