About Airmaster

...imagine if we could develop ventilation systems that took our behaviour, needs and well-being into account, which could be part of the perfect energy solution for future renovation and construction projects at the same time.

That was the task and business idea formulated by Henrik Stæhr and Kim Jensen back in 1991 when they established Airmaster in Aars.

And yes, they succeeded, and it remains the basis upon which Airmaster is run to this day.

It is Airmaster’s mission to give more people good air quality and a thermal indoor climate. We provide simple solutions focused on low energy and resource consumption.

It is Airmaster’s vision to be the company that delivers and stands for “the absolute best” and to be a company that is a good place to work. We must deliver value to our customers and employees.  

Today, Airmaster offers a range of decentralised ventilation units, where expensive, energy-intensive ducting has been replaced by energy-efficient and flexible end-to-end solutions without unnecessary energy consumption and with a focus on resource use. High performance, intelligent on-demand control and very low noise level place Airmaster’s ventilation units among the best in the world.

Kim Henrik 2019

Airmaster is innovative when it comes to product development

Product development and documentation take up a very large part of Airmaster’s total resources. Seen as a whole, more than 10% of Airmaster’s employees are directly involved with product development.

Airmaster collaborates with universities and knowledge institutions on new technology, including Aalborg University, Aarhus University, the Danish Technological Institute and the Technical University of Denmark, and it is one of the company’s values to ensure that the latest technology is implemented in the units. Airmaster continuously participates in research-based projects on efficient decentralised ventilation and the climate solutions of the future.

It is Airmaster’s vision to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient and user-friendly decentralised ventilation and air conditioning units, enabling more people to enjoy a good, healthy indoor climate.

Sound economic principles

The running of the company must be based on sound economic principles and products that are efficient and innovative with energy-saving properties as well as ventilation and indoor climate.

A nice place to work

The company must also be a nice place to work, where cooperation and well-being are top notch, and have a good reputation with our partners.

Airmaster in brief

  • The European leader in decentralised comfort ventilation, offering the market’s widest product range
  • Customer groups within public institutions and companies
  • of Airmaster® units installed since 2005: more than 100,000
  • Approx. 180 employees, including 15 engineers and technicians in the development and product department
  • Approximately 10,000 m2 of building area devoted to production as well as new advanced testing and development facilities with climate chambers established in 2012 – further expansion of testing facilities in progress
  • Works with a long list of trade associations, experts and knowledge institutions

Extension of office facilities in 2018

Ready for a breath of fresh air

At Airmaster, we are “decentral” through and through. We are unrivalled when it comes to creating the best indoor climate and optimal well-being because we take each room and its occupants into account – and because we constantly strive to improve on what we do.

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