Indoor climate at work


Better indoor climate at work

Children and adults - everybody knows the typical inconvenience with a poor indoor climate 

The air is damp and warm. Your eyes are dry and irritated. Your head seems heavy and you have difficulties concentrating. A poor indoor climate has a big impact on our ability to function and well-being in our daily life. Surveys show that a poor indoor climate negatively impacts our performance levels by 5-10%. For children this impact is even greater (source: Geo Clausen, International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, Technical University of Denmark)  

Schools and day-care centres
To keep a good indoor air quality in schools and institutions, it is recommended to ventilate in a way, so that the CO2 concentation, known as the ppm level, does not exceed 1000 ppm for extended periods. Indoor climate in school buildings and day-care centers are crucial to the wellbeing of students and educators. Requirements for ventilation in this type of room are tightened all the time as the importance of fresh air is being documented over and over again. Several studies indicate even that poor indoor climate damage the learning process. In order to ensure good indoor climate, the air has to be replaced frequently to keep the CO2 concentration down at a healthy level.

CO2 measurement at Gl. Hasseris School



Offíces and conference rooms
To maintain a good indoor climate in a conventional office, the air should be replaced at least three times an hour, even more frequently in meeting and conference rooms. In many rooms, cooling is also necessary when the ventilation alone is not sufficient to keep the temperature at an acceptably low level. As the only one, we have developed a highly efficient cooling module, which easily can be integrated within our decentralised air handling units.

CO2 measurement at Terma A/S, head office 



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