Product overview

AM range

The AM range consists of wall mounted and floor standing air handling units with low sound level, low energy consumption and low SFP. With the AM range one or more units are installed in each room. Intake/exhaust can either pass horizontally out of the unit and through an outer wall, or vertically up through the roof.

AM 150



AMC 150

AM 300


AM 500

AM 800


AM 900

AM 1000


AM 1000 3rd generation - Launch April 2019

AM 1200



How should units from the AM range be placed in different rooms? Look here



DV range

The DV range today consist of a compact and high pressure air handling unit with low SFP. Intake, inlet, extraction, exhaust are ducted and via a short ducting the air is carried to and from one or several rooms.


DV 1000





Which unit to choose?

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