Renovations, extensions and
new-builds - Airmaster has the solution

Our decentralised air handling units adapt to the rooms and not vice.

In any kind of room
With our wide range of products, our units can be used in practically any kind of room: large and small, with many people or just a few - irrespective of whether your building is permanent or modular.

No need for structural changes
Airmaster’s direct access to the outdoors makes it simple, quick and cost-effective to provide most buildings with ventilation – no structural changes to the buildings are necessary. In most instances, installation can be carried out without affecting the daily routines in the building.

Decentralised ventilation allows you to install ventilation in small stages, in buildings with special challenges or throughout buildings.


1) In a large building, where ventilation only has to be installed in a few rooms that are spread apart.



2) In a building extension, where the existing ventilation system cannot be extended.



3) In a building with a flat roof.



4) When total ventilation is required in a new building or in a renovation.


Airmaster widely used
Our wide range and easy and flexible assembly and installation mean that Airmaster’s ventilation solutions can be used in a wealth of applications
- here are just a few:


Schools  Fitness studios
Offices Hotels
Kindergartens  Halls / apartments
 Educ. institutions   Barracks
 Canteens Hospitals
 Clinics  etc.


Case stories




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