Decentralised ventilation
= intelligent ventilation

Decentralised ventilation takes into account the requirements of each room by not demanding complicated and costly installation.

Decentralised ventilation princip

On-demand ventilation - room by room
Decentralised ventilation takes into account our need for being able to adapt our indoor climate to our requirements. Decentralised ventilation equals individual ventilation in each room – but only when we need it.

Low energy usage and high heat recovery
The decentralised unit including heat exchanger is placed in the room, close to an external wall. The very short transport distance of the external air and a heat exchanger right next to it contribute to very low energy consumption. Our counterflow heat exchangers perform up to 85% measured as a dry temperature ratio in accordance with EN308, and up to 95% if condensation is included.

No noise nuisance
With decentralised ventilation there is no need for long duct connections. In that way a high pressure is avoided - a pressure which otherwise would cause noise nuisance and an increased energy consumption.

Always a comfortable room temperature
As the only provider, Airmaster offers the option of an integreated cooling module in its ventilation solutions. The specially developed cooling module has been designed to lower the temperature of the external air by up to 15°C. This provides added comfort in rooms that may periodically become hot.

Maintenance of the air handling unit is minimal. All our components are of highest quality and the general maintenance will as basis only consist filter change 1-2 times a year. With a decentralised air handling unit from Airmaster you have the best solution, that is why you also should have the best maintenance.

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