Correct placing

To get the full benefit of our air handling units, the units must be located correctly according to the physical geometry of the room.


Two smaller units can be appropriate for a long, narrow room, where the throw length is too short longitudinally, yet too long laterally.
Korrekt placering, smalt rum, mindre anlæg, mindre kastelængde Placering, smalt rum, mindre kastelængde, mindre anlæg


In a room with high or sloping ceilings, the units should be installed as high up as possible.



To achieve the most efficient supply conditions, objects, such as light fittings installed directly in the ceiling, should be avoided. Light fittings should be lowered so that the inlet has free access to the room.


Where people will be located in close physical proximity to a unit, it is important to use wall-mounted or floor-mounted models using the mixing principle as this avoids the occurrence of draughts.


If the room has ceiling beams that may obstruct the airflow, a floor-mounted unit that ventilates using the displacement principle (AMP 900) or a wall-mounted unit that ventilates along the room should be chosen.



Which unit to choose?

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