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Airmaster Airlinq Online

Internet of Things (IoT) is the name for the way in which the internet expands when an increasing number of devices are connected to it. This is an entirely new internet where devices communicate with each other, exchange data and create opportunities for an unprecedented level of intelligence and automation. Companies and public authorities can now seriously begin to use IoT to generate new business opportunities, effective work processes and knowledge via data.

Digital BMS is well known and used by most, with Airmaster Airlinq® Online we are now taking the next step.


Professional web portal

Airlinq Online is a professional web portal for Airmaster air handling units connected to Ethernet. The portal is a cloud-based service, and the servers that handle communication with the systems are located in ‘the cloud’. Airlinq Online is designed to control, monitor and manage ventilation solutions for one or more installations.


At Airmaster, we believe in transparency and cooperation. One important feature of tomorrow’s IoT systems will be intersystem communication. For this reason, we also provide a web service (API), which system integrators can use for integration with other BMS systems.


Although we aim for transparency, security is also one of Airmaster’s top priorities. Consequently, all communication is securely encrypted. This applies to communication between users and servers but also between air handling units and servers.

Cost-conscious investment

Airlinq Online is considerably cheaper than traditional network systems, and there are no installation costs because the system is so simple that most customers are able to set it up themselves. However, Airmaster can provide assistance if needed..


Airmaster Airlinq® Online



Full overview at all levels

Airmaster Airlinq® Online is decentralised ventilation with central administration

You can access Airlinq Online from any-where, via a web browser. The solution is powerful and will save you money while ensuring maximum reliability of installations. All ventilation systems can be controlled from a central control system with only a few clicks. Once you have logged onto Airlinq Online, you have access to ALL of your systems - no matter where you are.

Full overview

Airlinq Online covers all of your needs for centralised administration yet retains all of the benefits of a decentralised ventilation system. The system provides an immediate overview of all of your ventilation solutions, whether you are a local authority, housing association, property manager, caretaker or end user.


Airmaster Airlinq Online


If you are an administrator with a local authority or property management company, you will be able to keep an eye on the operational status of all of your air handling units. This applies to all of the buildings handled or owned by the local authority or property manager. Airlinq Online provides an immediate and reliable overview of the systems and their operation, ensuring that everything is always running as it should and no unnecessary energy is used or money wasted on operations.

Operations manager

Operations managers can, for example, monitor and change operational status, air flow rates, input air temperature, alarms and CO2 level and can retrieve a data log.


You may have service staff or caretakers who also need access to Airlinq Online but who do not need the same rights as you. As an operations manager, you can create and allocate rights as required and you can always allocate rights up to the same level as your own.

End user

As an end user, you will only have access to the air handling unit or units in the room or apartment you are in. You will be able to see whether the system is running and, among other things, adjust air flow.

Always full support

Always full support

Airmaster Airlinq Online - Altid fuld support fra Airmaster

Full support from Airmaster

No matter who you are, and regardless of the level to which you have rights, you will always be able to get support from Airmaster. When we log onto Airlinq Online from Airmaster, we can provide remote support for all of your air handling units. We have access to all functions and the monitoring of operations and, consequently, have all the information we need to help you immediately. The only thing we need you to do is connect your air handling unit(s) to the internet via a cable or wireless connection.

Service partner

Both Airmaster and you, as the customer, can collaborate with one or more service contractors. If you do not wish to use Airlinq Online yourself, you can outsource the job. Your service partner will then be given the same access to Airlinq Online as you would have.

Manageable user interface

Manageable user interface

Airlinq Online enables one-step monitoring, setting and planning.

Airmaster Airlinq Online - Overblik i hverdagen

You are the one who will be using the solution! Consequently, we made sure to focus on the structure and design of the user interface. Whether you use a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, you will have a manageable overview of all of your units and their operational status.

Airmaster Airlinq Online - Overskuelig brugerflade på alle enheder

See who has changed what and when

Only the parameters needed by the individual user are visible. This provides a better overview. Airlinq Online also shows you who has changed what and when.

The user interface is simple and manageable and provides a quick overview. It also enables monitoring of sensors, energy meters, ventilation rates, temperatures, etc.
You can, for example:
• Start/stop all units at once
• Set night time cooling for all units at once
• Set all units to ‘holiday mode’ at once

Airmaster Airlinq Online - Brugerflade

When you log onto Airlinq Online, you will always see an administration page first. The administration page provides a full overview of all of your air handling units.

Airmaster Airlinq Online - Administrationsside

User-defined classification

Together, we define who should have access to what. The user interface is constructed to limit access in hierarchically descending order. Users are given access to a specific group and its sub-groups with specific user rights for a given role. You always start at the level at which you are logged in. The list of units is limited as each subgroup is selected.

This is how a typical user interface will look like to the end user.

Airmaster Airlinq Online - En typisk brugerflade hos slutbrugeren

Real savings

Time is money

With Airlinq Online, you can proactively deliver real savings. 

Airmaster Airlinqq Online - Online styring og betjening - Reelle besparelser

Increased efficiency

Whether you are responsible for technical matters or buildings, or you are a caretaker, you can optimise operations and performance across numerous locations. Using Airlinq Online prevents time wasted on driving out to inspect systems that are actually working fine, enabling you to concentrate on specific reports submitted to the web portal. All of this saves time and unnecessary travel expenses.

Maintenance benefits

With the help of automatic alarms, Airlinq Online shows you where to direct your focus. The system analyses its own data and can warn you of the need for a filter change or send a fault report by mail. The online filter alarm triggers automatic shipment of new filters for your specific air handling unit.

Graphical reporting

With Airlinq Online, you can design and construct a variety of graphs with operational data. There is an option for combining data from several units in a graph, for comparison purposes. Data can be stored and extracted into an Excel spreadsheet for further processing. You can also create a PDF file for external use.

Airmaster Airlinq Online - Grafisk rapportering Eks. CO2 level

Information is also a product

Airlinq Online provides both you and us with a multitude of options, partly due to the fact that we can collect so much data and knowledge about how our air handling units are running. This knowledge is of informational value - both to you and to us as a manufacturer. Airlinq Online is not merely a product; it is a solution that ensures a healthy indoor climate and peace of mind in our everyday lives.

Ethernet module as standard.

Log on - and you are up and running


Activation of the Ethernet module

The Ethernet module must be activated in order to gain access to Airlinq Online. You can request activation of the module when you order your air handling unit so that the solution is ready for use when it is delivered. The module can also be activated subsequently. There is a fee for activation of the Ethernet module.

We help you get started

We can start your system for you via remote support. When your first air handling unit is started up, you will be given instructions in the use of Airlinq Online. There is a fee for start-up.

Remote support

We can offer remote support at a fixed hourly rate, if required.

Data analysis

Airmaster offers analysis of operational data to ensure the most energy efficient and effective ventilation possible. If you would like a more detailed analysis of the operation of your system, this can be ordered directly from Airmaster and will be invoiced according to time spent.


An Ethernet module can be retrofitted on all air handling units with an Airlinq control. If you already have an air handling unit and would like access to Airlinq Online, we can, of course, provide it. Retrofitting of Ethernet modules is invoiced per unit.

Airmaster Airlinq Online - Pakkeløsning

Safe communication

Safe communication

Your firewall protects both you and your data against external attack by monitoring all incoming and outgoing data communication.

Outgoing communication

Communication between the air handling units and the Airlinq Online servers is always outgoing to begin with. Most firewall setups permit communication with an external device when communication is started by a device (in this case the Ethernet module in the air handling unit) inside the network (outgoing).

At Airmaster, we prioritise both security and a good level of service. Consequently, we work with one of the industry’s best hosting providers for the Airlinq Online servers. Our partner, Microsoft Gold Hosting Certified Partner, is a certified member of BFIH, the trade association for IT hosting companies in Denmark.

Secure access/ login

We apply encryption between the PC, tablet or smartphone you use and the Airlinq Online portal. Communication between Airlinq Online and the 
individual Airmaster air handling unit is also encrypted.

Connection using standard network cable

Connection to Airmaster Airlinq Online using standard network cable (min. Cat 5e) for each Airmaster Air Handling Unit. This require a separate network terminal for each air handling unit, or alternatively use a switch.

Airmaster Airlinq Online

1) The air handling unit (Ethernet module) sends a ‘status’ at regular intervals through the firewall to the internet and on to the servers (the gateway). This outgoing communication is also a request to 
the servers for information on new changes.

2) The servers log this status, and if changes need to be made to operational settings the servers return a response to the unit (Ethernet module).

NEW Connection in combination with Airmaster Airlinq BMS system

Connection to Airmaster Airlinq Online using standard network cable (min. Cat 5e) to only one Airmaster Air Handling Unit which is a part of an Airmaster Airlinq BMS system. The RS485 bus-connection which is used to connect the different air handling units in the Airmaster Airlinq BMS system, will communicate with Airmaster Airlinq Online. This solution only requires one network terminal for one Airmaster Air Handling Unit part of the Airmaster Airlinq BMS system. Alternatively an GSM solution could establish the connection to the internet. 
One Airmaster Airlinq BMS-system can handle up to twenty Airmaster Air Handling Units.

Personal data

Are you ready for the new personal data protection regulation, which will come into force in 2018? Airmaster is!
Airlinq Online complies with the new EU regulations and we are happy to advise you on how to ensure that you also comply.


Which unit to choose?

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