// 13.3.2019

How to integrate decentral ventilation units in the room?

Every room and building present their specific options for how to integrate ventilation. Airmaster took this into consideration during development and design of the series of wall-mounted ventilation units for schools, offices, meeting rooms etc.

Different options – with the same ventilation unit

The flexibility of the Airmaster ventilation units makes it possible to adjust the installation to fit the architecture and design of the room. As you can see in the video, you have the choice of having the Airmaster ventilation unit fully visible under the ceiling, partly integrated into the ceiling – or even fully integrated above a diffuse ceiling. For the latter, only the service hatch is visible, and you can lead extract air from the room to the ventilation unit by means of a ducted ceiling diffuser.

Central management of decentral ventilation units

As for controlling the ventilation units, you also have several options. As the Airmaster units are decentral, they can off course each have their own panel for operation, but this is not practical when you have many units to manage. Therefore, Airmaster developed “Airlinq Online”, which is a cloud-based IoT solution. Airlinq Online provides the possibility for central management of all connected Airmaster units. This way you have the combined benefits of decentral ventilation units and central management.

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