// 11.6.2018

Are you ready for a hot summer in the office?

Our new air handling unit, the AMC 150, is ready for you. The AMC 150 is an air handling unit with heat recovery and cooling module integrated in one single product. This unit will provide you with fresh air and comfort cooling at the same time.

The AMC 150 is specially designed to cover the needs for ventilation in smaller rooms, such as one or two-person offices. AMC 150 is extremely quiet, while having a high cooling capacity and air change. Consequently, very suitable for rooms, such as offices, where the sound level is important for a good working environment.

Energy efficient

The energy consumption is, of course, also very low. The units are optimized for low energy consumption, and the running cost is kept even further down by the demand-controlled cooling. No unnecessary use of energy.

Regulation of the inlet temperature

The cooling module has the capacity to decrease the outdoor temperature up to 15 °C. Optionally, a heating surface can be added for further adjustment of the inlet temperature.

Quick and easy installation

The AMC 150 is prepared for easy installation. Having the ventilation unit and cooling module integrated into one single unit from the factory, provides a plug-and-play installation. Service is also as simple as it can be.

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